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  1. iFIXzhit

    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    Fooling around and noticed if you 44b cancel super quick it leaves your axe on fire during any throw follow up including 9a+g and 44/66a+g. You basically run or jump across the screen on fire looking totally cool. If timed right you never see the JF flash just fire on command throw. I still...
  2. iFIXzhit

    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    214a+g~b+k~command grabs catches all tech/back throw! Input the back grab late otherwise you'll get side throw Input the b+k late to maximize damage if throw misses Its possible to link the 214a+g~b+k into itself Haven't tested but could be a mix up using 3(B) after the b+k
  3. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi possible buffs?

    Been saying this for for awhile now
  4. iFIXzhit

    Kilik's Combo Guide

    Nice work!
  5. iFIXzhit

    Let’s talk Mitsurugi!

    SC just doesn’t feel right without the abundance of whining and crying over this poor samurai! Hell you can barely find anyone playing him online as well. Seems like he’s been labeled as weak in SC6 so the haters moved into Azwel and Ivy’s neighborhoods! “He’s very unsafe, he’s slow, bad frames...
  6. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    This frame data is more accurate and through! Side note: 4(A) on block MST b or MST (B) beats Xian aa, beats Taki aa, A6 JF and Mitsu CE. MST b or MST (B) on block both MST b or RLC A:A beats Xian...
  7. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    When you say oppressive I'm guessing you referring to being able to keep constant offensive pressure on hit or block not allowing opponents to mount an offensive? If so the key to a successful offense is knowing +- frames on your moves and just as important is knowledge of your opponents as...
  8. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    Your goal with Mitsurugi is always maintain close range so you can force low/mid mix-ups. His stances Relic and Mist are very useful with a blocked Relic B giving you frame advantage to keep your offense going. 236K, 1A, 1b series, 1kb and 22/88k in conjunction with mids 3b, 66b, 2b, 3a, 33/99k...
  9. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    I imagine you're holding the 99 input to long. Try releasing it a bit earlier
  10. iFIXzhit

    Belial's Mitsurugi Combo&Tech Traps

    CH MST B~RLC AA~RLC K This seems to be a combo with a couple factors. In open play very hard to land on the smaller hotboxes unless slightly off axis from opponent. It's easier for larger hotboxes but still tricky. Opponent against a wall is a lot easier to land and it really shines here. Mix in...
  11. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    Wow that sucks! Outside of 1 or 2 combos it's pretty much worthless lol. I can only get JF once the first A animation is completely finished. Any way to get it out earlier?
  12. iFIXzhit

    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    Other than damage in combos does Relic A:A JF have any other benefits?
  13. iFIXzhit

    Relic & Mist transitions “work in progress”

    Here’s a quick rundown of his transitions on guard! Data collected against Sophitia! Most transitions at tip range leave you clear of 2a range. Still a work in progress. On guard 6A ~ Relic a loses to 2a Relic b loses to 2a Relic k beats 2a...