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  1. lolo

    Is that Yoshi's 66B in SCV?

    Hi, someone created a thread about Yoshi being confirmed for SCV, he said that his weapon and flag was there, but as everyon said, is just a Mitsu custom, but in 4:50 of the video, it does seems like Yoshi's 66B, play the video and comment, I'm almost positive that what I see it is Yoshi´s 66B...
  2. lolo

    [Mexico] Clasificaciones Mexico (leader boards & system)

    Para empezar la lista de clasificación, me basaré en el último torneo que hubo, que fueron las Regionals de México, fué lo ultimo oficial que hubo, después usando un poco el criterio y resultados también del EGS, que fué el torneo más grande que tuvimos, no sé, yo calculaba unos 300...
  3. lolo

    Yoshimitsu in Broken Destiny

    Hi heres a new video, containing combos, tech traps and other stuff, check it out and leave ur comments.
  4. lolo

    Mitsu´s changes in Broken Destiny

    Well, at the begining I tought that Mitsu was nerfed, but damn, he is buffed, like if he needed it. So far this is what I´ve been into. -AA seems faster, I think is 13 now.. -33K on CH has the same effect of knock down like in previous games, giving the classic traps with 1A, and this time u...
  5. lolo

    Mexico Regional Vids in here

    OK, I just remember the final, I was playing all the time, but Master X will be uploading all the videos soon I hope, but for now, I´m leaving u some of these, including the losers final and the final. (final 1) (final 2) (losers final) (thanatos vs moldaiver) (free games 2) (free...
  6. lolo

    Yoshimitsu by lolo 1.03

    This is a different video, it´s not about combos, I think there are enough combo videos for the most characters, Syxx has taken care about that, hehehehe. In this video I´m only doing some test with 44bB, and jumping above the enemy and other stuffs. Jumping not only works to get on the back of...
  7. lolo

    Lolo (Yoshimitsu) vs Fhwoarang (Maxi)

    These are some casual matches recorded last sunday, hope you like it.