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  1. Antaiseito

    Lost Swords

    As she says "You cannot kill my peoples hope for the future" Bandai-Namco. When's the next real Soul Calibur?
  2. Antaiseito

    Soulcalibur V coming as a Digital Download!

    Now if the legendary Version counted as a new game that they can patch for free three times ............... Wanted that for Vita for a long time, it's the Vitas fault Blazblue is the main game now.
  3. Antaiseito

    On Winning

    Ah, i think we're all roughly on the same page here, except words were directed more on competition, tournaments or training with friends. If you realize you're opponent doesn't get that there are moves he has to respect you can either crush him repeatedly and destroy his spirit to ever fight...
  4. Antaiseito

    On Winning

    Loved your article as always Drake <3 (though i cringed a little at the rape-thing, but that's just my thing.. ultimately it's in the nature of war...) I would also roughly agree with what Wandrian said. Except that if i notice that my opponent does refrain from using ring-outs or throws in...
  5. Antaiseito

    Hilde Players Unite! PSN/LIVE Player List!

    PSN: Antaiseito Location: Germany Dunno how my connection is to countries further away, mostly play against -people. But if anyone wants to try hit me up :)
  6. Antaiseito

    [Aug 24, 2012] EBO (East Brandenburg Open) (Wriezen, Brandenburg)

    I will attend, too! :D Gotta support the game, the passion and all those nice people, that also visited our little tournament for SC4 <3 Trying to muster up some more real training-time before EBO, so it doesn't get too boring for my opponents, but i guess i'm more 'normal', hehe :P
  7. Antaiseito

    What made you choose this fiery redhead?

    I guess it's nice to have a goal ;D Pity that i can't contribute anything to that by not really knowing her optimal stuff quite yet..... hopefully some day that changes :) /ot
  8. Antaiseito

    What made you choose this fiery redhead?

    Hey, first post here for me, though i'm reading these boards like daily since SC5 got announced ^^ Since SC4 i loved the idea for her fighting style with lance and short sword, but back then i didn't really feel like learning to charge or be dependent on solely charge-moves like some Hildes i...