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  1. akocham

    Quality of Life Patch Wishlist

    One thing I can think of is maybe they ran into problems with the old way now that the game is on PC. Before, the game would only be on a handful of consoles where each console had 1 controller type so it would be easy to have a button config where each button was shown for that singular...
  2. akocham

    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    Yup. There are often open TVs and you can plug in whatever you bring
  3. akocham

    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    Yeah its open at 3PM but people usually don't go until their event is closer to the start time. There is always free play though and you can bring your own setup. Thursdays are FGC day so if you wanna play SC I would go that day.
  4. akocham

    Dear Namco: We need a way in practice mode to remain in soul charge after resetting positions!

    Yeah you can do both of these things already. If you set the soul gauge to max and then soul charge you will stay soul charged (but it will reset if you press the reset position command L1+R1, which is annoying) What we really need is an option to make a hit always lethal hit.
  5. akocham

    Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread

    I could have swore when I was facing the lizardman chief CPU he did Cassandra's A+B. I'm not too familiar with Liz but did he always have this move? If not, it makes me think that Cassandra is in there and is somewhat finished. They could have made that lizardman by pulling animations from...
  6. akocham

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Maybe the update will add control changing to the character select screen
  7. akocham

    Sophitia Encyclopedia

    For you
  8. akocham

    SC6 Frame Data Archive

    It means impact. Just SC term for "startup frames" in other games where its the start frames of a move + the first frame of impact.
  9. akocham

    Sophitia Combos

    Good question. Will test when I am home. Could you tech in all directions or was specific?
  10. akocham

    Sophitia Combos

    For CH 6K I would add 44B+K as an option or as a replacement for 66B. 49 dmg and execution is easier than TAS B Its also a very Cass-like combo lol
  11. akocham

    Sophitia Combos

    Yup looks like I was mis-remembering the damage. Thanks for the correction
  12. akocham

    Sophitia Combos

    My guess is that 236:B combos so maybe it is scaled? I remember seeing 46 for CH A and 13 for 3B but I will test again tonight in case I missed something
  13. akocham

    Sophitia Combos

    For CH 44A, You can do 3B as follow up for 59 total damage. Not a combo but it looks to be guaranteed. Does same dmg as 236:B but execution is easier You can also apparently does TAS B, 4B as follow up, but the timing window is super tight
  14. akocham

    Sophitia Combos

    Awesome stuff! Find anything on LH K? I've been doing 2BB:4 Edit: HolyCarp did some testing and found that TAS B:4 or CE does the most damage as a follow up
  15. akocham

    Azwel General Discussion

    Hey I'm looking through the frame data wiki for Azwel and notice that difference stance buttons are put into their own group (so there is an A for each stance), but should we prefix those commands with some kind of stance notation? Kind of like how Tira has GS A and JS A. If so, what would...
  16. akocham

    Nice, sounds good to me

    Nice, sounds good to me
  17. akocham

    Hey, Live and Let Die is located in Laured, MD at Xanadu games. Its attached to the Laurel Race...

    Hey, Live and Let Die is located in Laured, MD at Xanadu games. Its attached to the Laurel Race Track Here is the info:
  18. akocham

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    It's scoring very high AND its at the top of the steam charts? A very bright future ahead for SC
  19. akocham

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Famitsu can give it whatever it wants. I know I'm going to love the game from my time with the network test alone.