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  1. Fuzion

    Gaming affecting your eyesight?

    I recently took a vision test for fun, and to my suprise I have perfect vision in my right eye and exceptional vision in my left eye. The actual numbers, respectively, were 1.5 and 1.2 - whatever that means. I'm suprised though because I've logged a stupid amount of hours playing PC and...
  2. Fuzion

    Virginia Tech student decapitated..
  3. Fuzion

    ougoonie is no more

    Apparently my roommate has taken back his ps3 for good, and is now deleting those of you I had played in SC4 off the friends list. Just wanted to let you guys know that it's not me removing you from the friends list, I no longer have control of that account, so don't bother contacting me there...
  4. Fuzion

    4K vs WS B

    If you're like me, you use WS B as your primary way of getting out of full crouch. I'm starting to think 4K would be a better choice, since it can also be done from FC. Here's a quick rundown of the data: Move / Dmg / Speed / [Frames on Block / on Hit / on CH] WS B / 16 dmg / i15 / -8 / +2 /...