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  1. NeclordX

    Are we really that creative? (Discussion)

    This is just a thought I had while scrolling the different threads and I thought may be we could have a debate about it. Of course there are original characters, but if we count them and compare, the number of guests, recreations from previous games (both characters and costumes), famous or...
  2. NeclordX

    NeclordX SCVI showcase

    I'm afraid Im not as creative as lot of you when it comes to backgrounds and pasts while doing characters, but I'm pretty proud of the characters itself, so I'll leave them here. NEW characters I made for the first time in SCIII OLD CHARACTERS Characters that I use to créate in every SC cas...
  3. NeclordX

    Old Vs New

    Did you re-build re-done one of your old characters or costumes in the new SCVI? Are they close to the previous ones? Are they different? Are you more happy now or you preferred the old versión? Post them side to side in this OLD vs New thread
  4. NeclordX

    Nioh, when Koei does dark souls

    Developed by team ninja. Shut up de gozaru, and take all my mons!
  5. NeclordX

    Wich FIGHTING game franchise would you like to see again?

    So...that's it, which fighting game franchise would you like to see once more in a new game (not re-releases I mean) Of course I'm aware there are lot more lost franchises that those I post as options, I just put the first that came to my mind, if you would like to see any other, please post...
  6. NeclordX

    Bloodborne in two weeks

    Just two weeks remain until Bloodborne is released. Anyone else is interested in getting it?
  7. NeclordX

    Your favorite character has to destroy de one ring...

    How the quest goes? I was just getting some titles on quick match and after a couple of fights in the casttle stage (with the infested trying to destroy the door with the big troll) and this thread came to my mind. What if your favorite (or main) character had to walk into mordor to destroy...
  8. NeclordX

    Earrings from las DLC dissapeared

    Well, this is really strange. This morning I made a pj3 for Lexia normaly and used the earrings without problems. When this evening I was going to create a character I noticed earrings weren't in the items. I don't know why, I tried in customize char, in original cas, but the two earrings...
  9. NeclordX

    Funny/Curious hall titles

    Well, I often see funny or curious titles in the halls, this is a thread to share thos that you think are funny or curious. -No Nightmares -Less than 5% usage -No grabs, no ringouts -ONLY new players (hosted by a C3)
  10. NeclordX

    No one uses 2pj

    So, just something curiouis I noticed. No one uses ever players 2nd costumes. Everyone uses either 1st pj, 3rd (customized) or CAS. The only character I see in second costume is Xiba, all the other characters...are always in the first costume or customized. I know lot of them are ugly, but...
  11. NeclordX

    Your recurrent CAS progression

    I just remembered I still have my SCIII characters picture. So I thought into open a thread to show their progression. I'll add some of the SCIV version pictures when I can do some pictures (I lost them) Alex (now Asura). He didn't change too much. The first outfit in SCIV was more wandering...
  12. NeclordX

    Does really all the weapons have the same range?

    Not talking about CAS and sizes obviusly. So don't say me taller character has more range. In normal characters, when you edit the color and change the weapon...does really all the weapons have the same range? May be it's just me, but I'd swear Xiba and Leixa have slightly more range when...
  13. NeclordX

    CAS Challenge, BROQUEST

    Well, may be some of you know this "meme""game" whatever. I thought we could use that as challenge. The idea is simple, pick three characters, your partners in your quest them with CAS mode. them. You can either do it from zero or recycle your cas. IMPORTANT: The idea is...
  14. NeclordX

    HELP with stickers positions

    I'm trying to paint each arm gauntlet with a different color. So I thought into picking a color, then use one of the stickers to color one of them. But when I add the sticker, it doesn't matter wich system I pick (guide or by view) or which arm I pick (left of right), sticker allways appear in...
  15. NeclordX

    Yet another SCV CAS thread. Neclord X

    ORIGINALS I'll leave my hentai fantasies fanfictions aside and just show the characters.Not going to start to relate story and relationships. Also, I'm really really bad for giving names. If someone has some kind of sugestion for any char I'm all ears
  16. NeclordX

    Chinese letters meaning?

    So...I'm only want to know if someone has a list of the meanings of the chinese letters. I know the first 3 are 1,2,3 numbers, but from there forwards....
  17. NeclordX

    What characters are you gonna create/recreate first?

    So, I'm curious, we already know lot of cas system, and we saw what we can make so...what are the first characters (original or famous) you are gonna create? ORIGINALS I'll create again my fave SCIV CAS, no point of saying their names since are orgiinal. 1.An adventurer/assassin (soul of...
  18. NeclordX

    Queen's Blade Thread

    For those who don't know this books, Queen's Blade is a series of visual combat books (some kind of table role playing) published by Hobby Japan based on the licensed works from Flying Buffalo's Lost Worlds. Plot of the game revolves around a tournament called the Queen's Blade, which is held...
  19. NeclordX

    The Guest character game

    Well, the idea of this "game" is simple. Someone suggest a character from a game, a movie, manga, etc and the next person must say if he would like to see him or her as guest character in Soul calibur. I'll begin with Gabriel Belmont, from Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Weapon: Chain whip