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    What the Soul Calibur VI trophies tell us about the game (spoilers, obviously)

    So the full trophies list for Soul Calibur VI has been leaked. The game has 49 trophies worth a total of 1200 points on the Playstation 4. They notably tell us what the game has in store for us both in what they contain and what they don't contain. Here's what I've been able to glean from them...
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    PSN ID and Xbox Live ID compilation thread

    For those who want to make their PSN IDs and Xbox Live IDs public so others who face them will know they're from 8WayRun. Also a way to invite others to message them after games, potentially for rematches. It's high time for such a thread what with the upcoming network test. I'll get things...
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    "Please look forward to collaborations with other works!" - Guest Character Speculation Thread

    "Please look forward to collaborations with other works" The wording makes it seem like we'll get more than one guest character and that they'll be from more than 1 franchise. With the surprise guest appearances of Cloud Strife in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Noctis Lucis Caelum in Tekken 7, the...
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    New title update?

    Yesterday when I booted up the game (after about a month of not playing), the game said there was a title update to download. It was pretty small. Can't find any info on it. Anyone know what was included in that update?
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    What moves are classified as stabs and thrusts?

    Sorry for spamming the forum with threads, but these are questions I've wanted to ask for a while but never gotten around to. Anyway, aGI moves often do not aGI all types of moves, often, specifying things like "Mids", "Horizontals", etc. Sometimes, they specify whether the aGI move will aGI...
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    How many extra frames does the game tack on to WR moves when you're down?

    I.e. when you've been grounded, be it on your own according or through an enemy's attack, how many extra frames will the game tack onto any WR moves you do? I assume it's the same amount of frames for all of them regardless of button combination (A, B, K, A+B, etc.) or character. I'm just curious.
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    Hilde's CE lost out to Leixia's WR A yesterday

    Yesterday while playing online (don't judge), my opponent (Hilde) did CE. I'd already activated WR A when the inital zoomed-in cinematic-thing for Hilde began and I sat back, thinking I'd get hit by it, but lo and behold, Leixia randomly WR A:ed Hilde in the fact. Not even clash, Hilde just at...
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    6K.K (hit) ~ FC3B a forced block?

    I've read that 6K.K (hit) ~ FC3B (block) is a forced block, i.e. if they try to do anything after getting hit by 6K.K, they'll get hit by FC3B. However, I've had people get out of the FC3B several times and I'm convinced it's not just to shoddy timing because I buffer my moves like crazy...
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    Matrix Calibur - Slow, but no button input lag

    Have you ever experienced Matrix Calibur? It happened to me once. I know for a fact that it was because of a problem on my end because I played 5 people in a paticular lobby and I experienced Matrix Calibur against all 5 of them, but when they played each other, it was business as usual. The...
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    So FC3B ~ CE just whiffed for me (not on an airborne opponent)

    So something weird just happened to me online (don't judge). I was playing against someone using a CAS using Ivy's Style (with the correct height). He did some really unsafe low (I can't remember which), I blocked it and FC3B:ed. He went flying sky high, I CE:ed... CE missed. FC3B did not hit...
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    How do you hack SCV CAS:es?

    I can't seem to find an online guide. I don't mean hack as in make them overpowered or something. Dunno if this thread breaks some kind of forum rules. If it does, please delete this thread. I just want simple hacks, such as: * Making clothing items unisex, if it's possible. Or, if that's...
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    Do you win titles in all online modes, including player matches and Global Coloseo?

    I have absolutely no desire to have to play every single character for 30 matches each (that's hundreds of matches and do who knows what else to unlock the 33 (399/432) titles I have yet to unlock, so I was thinking, can you unlock titles through winning in Player Matches and/or the Global...
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    What is wrong with Leixia TC attacks?!

    Leixia crouches during 3A, yet it doesn't techcrouch anything. The Hell is wrong with them? Does she have a single good horizontal that isn't high? And I swear I've seen people actually tech crouch her 22_88B. Maybe some moves put them into lying down state for absolutely no reason (because...
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    Is XBLdown?

    When I connected, I got a weird error that said that the reporting players feature was down. I've been unable to connect to any player in Ranked. And now it's stuck on "Communicating...". Wha tthe... I restarted my Xbox and it took forever to load the dashboard. And now I just can't connect to...
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    AI Stupidity

    I've noticed how some AI's are really, really stupid. The most egregious case has to be Aeon (or any CAS using Soul of Aeon). Just lay down on the ground (either by getting knocked down or by doing 1A+B as Leixia. The AI will spam 66A+B and 66A+B alone. Why is this funny? Because 66A+B doesn't...
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    I can't gain or lose rank

    Whether I win or lose, I get +0 rank, which is stuck at C5 at 3000/3000. I thought 3000/3000 looked really weird, but then when I went to play another game, from then on, my rank would remain unchanged whether I won or lost. What's wrong with my rank and how do I fix it? Edit: I changed from...