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  1. NeclordX

    SCVI Amy Edits

    Musketeer Amy Muse Amy
  2. NeclordX

    SCVI Cassandra Edits

    Assassin Cassandra Village girl Cassandra Caribbean sea Cassandra
  3. NeclordX

    SCVI Amy Edits

    Love Goddess Amy Little Red Riding Hood Wolf Amy
  4. NeclordX

    A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold (SC6 edition)

    I ever mentioned that I have a thing for girls with scars :3
  5. NeclordX

    SCVI Talim Edits

    I love Speedy Talim costume, the color palette and the simplicity are gorgeous-
  6. NeclordX

    Herr-Kriegs CAS-Collection

    Death by snu snu
  7. NeclordX

    New Samurai Shodown Game In Development!

    Yashamaru is kind of edgy but its cool, Darli Dagger is REALLY cool, I'm not fan of the chinese girl though.
  8. NeclordX

    SCVI Nightmare Edits

    Now that I look at this thread, I never posted my other Nightmare costumes Heracles Nightmare Demon Nightmare
  9. NeclordX

    Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)

    Ok, lets try to resucitate this contest with some entries. Insectoid race: FLesh golem, although towsnpeople refer him as the inside out man.
  10. NeclordX

    SCVI Gallery: Working Toward Progress

    Ruth is the WORST thing i've seen in lot of time. Worst in the good sense I mean. Specially the face, the accessories totally looks as part of the face, its really impressive.
  11. NeclordX

    NeclordX SCVI showcase

    You are totally right about textures in the facial ítems. I really miss the tails accessory since they were perfect to make beards since they were fluffy. Worst thing is they are still in the game but locked behind the demihuman race
  12. NeclordX

    NeclordX SCVI showcase

    Lately I have been messing around but didn't really finish anything, I just had a bunch of CAS halfway. Finally managed to finish a batch of victorian-ish charácters. Shffield, the maid-spy Prisoner nºXIII Carmilla, heavily inspired in the FGO versión. Ended using IVY for her though...
  13. NeclordX

    SCVI Amy Edits

    Amy bad girl Amy good girl
  14. NeclordX

    Svetnikov's SCVI Showcase

    The atronatch looks really cool.
  15. NeclordX

    Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread

    I was just wondering, I'm the only person that would rather have more basic stuff (faces, hair styles, voices) rather than more armor pieces in the next DLC armor pack? I honestly think it would make a bigger difference and would allow to a bigger range of new creations if we were given more...
  16. NeclordX

    Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)

    Harrawesome takes my vote because that cyber ninja totally looks like something you could find in an old futuristic 90s arcade game like Strider, Ninja Warriors or Hagane. Totally nailed it. Honorable mention to @Gaahl Taki and that @Onyyx's techno Voldo, he looks like he just get out of Gally...
  17. NeclordX

    Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread

    Or may be they just saw what happened when people mined the previous data and decided to tease us by putting some rather obvious codes there and they don't really mean anything at all XD
  18. NeclordX

    Fliptop makes slightly different people

    I can't believe I missed this thread. Those are some really awesome creations you have there.
  19. NeclordX

    Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)

    I don't know, is @Fatal_Exodus who picked the theme. XD
  20. NeclordX

    Most Esteemed One-Shot Contest (Now in 4k!)

    Been waiting for this theme since 2B was out Bio-chemic Astaroth Also, I made a quick robo-mitusugi Mark II, completely wireless Make a battle to see them in action, pick random stage, its 2B stage. This game is sentient