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  1. Worker-Bakery

    Marvel V.s Capcom 3 (wish List)

    We all know that the new best game of the year "Marvel v.s Capcom 3' will be out in Februrary 2011! Who are you looking forward to being in the game?
  2. Worker-Bakery

    Worker Bakery at Burger King

    Worker Bakery at Burger King (New) Worker Bakery: *On the phone* Shut up, Girl when I found out that my girl was going out with Josh, Girl I cut him! Oh, Yes I did girl! Girl I.. Customer 1: Ummm.. Exucuse me? Worker Bakery: Um Don't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation? Don't...
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    ..... So what now? So long I haven't been on...
  4. Worker-Bakery

    W-B is back in bussines!

    I'm back guys! Sorry I haven't been on I've been really busy with tests and school lately so I'm back for some more soul Calibur Mania!
  5. Worker-Bakery


    "Who are you?! What do you want?! You have entered the realm of the evil sword! Leave at once and if you are trying to get Soul Edge away from the sword is ALL mine! Bwahahahahahahaha! And if you are trying to destroy me you can't cause I'm using Worker Bakery's body to look for more souls...
  6. Worker-Bakery

    Random Post 5.0

    Franktown are for Homos My sister had this virtual world called "Franktown" and likes it but guess what? YOU F*****G HAVE TO PAY $14 EACH MONTH TO A MEMBER! AND THE BAD PART IS YOU HAVE TO PAY $300 TO BE A LIFE TIME MEMBER! SCREW THAT I CAN WASTE THAT ON FOOD, CLOTHING, BUY A X-BOX 360...
  7. Worker-Bakery

    I'm bored!

    Hey everybody W-B here! Godddd I'm so BOREDDDDDDDDDD! >:O I want people to send some messages! (nice ones) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Worker-Bakery

    The Office Thread

    The Office Thread Update 4-29-10: LOL! On 4-29-10, At first Michael has a tough time "hablando Espanol" and then Jim and Pam's top client comes and Michael thinks the sexy client is attractive to Michael and at the end she really is! Can't believe Kelly is a part of corporate! What...
  9. Worker-Bakery

    The Bakery Club!

    The Bakery Club New! Rules: 1. No fighting or saying offrensive things! 2. May post as many times as you want! 3. Have fun in the delight room (here)! Welcome!: Hey guys W-B here! I wanted to start a group (soon) so I thought I could start a club about me! Each week I will ask a question...
  10. Worker-Bakery

    Which game would you rather play?

    Taking a poll on what modern-day game gadget would you rather play besides PS3 or X-Box 360 games such as (SC,SF,Megaman,Tekken,Mario Bros,SMB,Final Fantasy, etc.) Here are the options: -Guitar Hero (Guitar) -Dance Dance Revolution (Dancing) -LIPS (Singing) -Don King Boxing (Boxing)...
  11. Worker-Bakery

    -Famestar 2000 cancelation-

    Sorry but Famestar 2000 (or 8WR Fashion Show) has canceled due to infractions :( But I will do another project called "Dancing with the Warriors" where I put Soul Calibur characters to dance with dancers to win the "Sword Ball Trophy" and also my own thread called "W-B's Bakery and Sweet...
  12. Worker-Bakery

    Soul Calibur improvements!

    I had the idea that Soul Calibur would be cool if it had a energy gauge for special attacks like for Campom vs Tatsanoko or like Street Fighter IV. Example: Cassandra can throw her shield as a boomerang or Siegfried can launch the enemy up in the air and do some kind of cool move...
  13. Worker-Bakery

    Seong Mi-na's name

    Hi have a rough time spelling Seong Mi-na's name cause on every game they changed her name like Seung-Mina and the Seung Mina and Seoung Mina! Any suggestions?