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  1. ENDeverMORE

    33B A is BEAST!!

    I don't know the frame data, but the second hit is safe, raph 6BB safe. Second hit is gi able BUT it can't be interruptedand gi's can be punished after cancelling, and cancelling can't be punished on reaction, only in advance. The way I see the options need to be respected. People need to choose...
  2. ENDeverMORE

    Mix-up Tactics

    I've been changing my Nightmare game plan a tiny bit after reading through his moves list recently, and I've been curious how everyone else uses his mixu-up, runniing at them for a while or dashing up then using 33B/BE is a good plan, after they duck, or using a FC mid like WR(B)/WR3B and using...
  3. ENDeverMORE


    I finally ranked up, but I swear to God! Nightmares moves startup ten times slower on rank up matches. i I swear I raged so hard, the floor turned to lava!
  4. ENDeverMORE

    Ragin' Opponents

    I have ran into a fair share of people who get a little bit... upset to put it lightly, when I use nightamare, about 55% of the time. some of them have been cool with it getting a little bit frustrated because of bad match up is fair enough, but quite the few times, I have run into a new child...
  5. ENDeverMORE


    I have a tendancy to be completely oblivious to something in general, but that would be damage, or how long someone is stunned for after a counter hit of some moves. Have there been any... notable changes to Nightmare I should know about? >_<'
  6. ENDeverMORE

    Tira wall combos?

    I haven't really played as Tira in quite a while, mostly because my parents don't like me playing on my xbox and I main Nightmare, now I'm starting to get used to the pupdated Tira, trying not to use combos that don't work and, seeing which ones I used to use no longer work. I've been trying to...
  7. ENDeverMORE

    Jumped the Gun

    'Sup guys and girls. I err.... kind of didn't realised there was a new members thread and I jumped right into the Nightmare forums >_<' well... here I am, call me End. I main Nightmare, and If project soul inten to add Zasalamel, then I would main him as well I'm also practicing with Cervanties...