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  1. Fuzion

    Yea my wife and I play often; are you in Madison?

    Yea my wife and I play often; are you in Madison?
  2. Fuzion

    in Wisconsin?

    in Wisconsin?
  3. Fuzion

    Xephavorites: NECXV Pool Play/Top 16

    I haven't watched through all of the matches yet, but one that stood out and flew under the radar imo was ZeroEffect vs Shad. Watch that one closely and the round counts W T F, Zeroeffect was in that ass for sure. Lost some unfortunate 5th rounds but honestly, with just a few changes I think he...
  4. Fuzion

    [Dec 5, 2014] Northeast Championship VX Anniversary - 12/5 - 12/7 (Essington Pa)

    Had a great time, it's the kind of tournament that makes me regret not going to any of the NECs in the past. Shoutouts (I dont think the account linking is working for me): @GolD ShaD - you're a beast. glad you could make it and go toe to toe with our best, in whatever physical condition you...
  5. Fuzion

    Hey you're from Madison? We have a bunch of players here who play regularly, you should join us...

    Hey you're from Madison? We have a bunch of players here who play regularly, you should join us ;] We have a group on facebook (I think its Open to join), search for madison soul calibur
  6. Fuzion

    Patroklos Match Up Discussion

    Yea astaroth really isn't a problem, especially because you get 66B's from JGing pretty much anything (66K BE, 1AA, 44[A]). Mitsurugi also isn't too bad; actually it feels like one of the most even matchups to me. I tell everyone that Natsu is the toughest matchup for Pat, mostly because of AAB...
  7. Fuzion

    Official Soulcalibur V Post-EVO 2012 Rule Changes!

    Not gonna lie, I haven't been a fan of Jaxel in the past, but I have to go ahead and say job well done here. He did a small amount of research on the topic, talked to a few random tourney-level pals about some changes, and put something together to improve this game. So, he didn't get it quite...
  8. Fuzion

    Patroklos Video Thread

    Here's some online vids of me against a decent Nightmare player. It has some of the punishment you can do and how I generally fight grim stride garbage. I also won a few tournaments with Pat recently and it was recorded, I'll see if I can get ahold of the vids and put them up later.
  9. Fuzion

    UFGT8: SC5 Results: Chicago, IL: 5/25/12 - 5/27/12:

    LOL yes that guy was epic. He was spamming 6KK in casuals and I told him it was unsafe, and he told me "no dude it's totally safe you can't punish that, trust me" haha... Several 236B punishes later he looked at me like O_o are you a wizard? He also asked me "how do you break that throw?"...
  10. Fuzion

    Patroklos Video Thread

    anyone wanna play some Patroklos mirror matches? I'd like to play some. Add me on psn: Fuzion404
  11. Fuzion

    noodalls investigates JG (and some GI)

    Really interesting stuff... thanks for putting it up noodalls. I didn't know that moves don't "appear" until 1 frame after the button command is sent in soul calibur. So just to clarify, in this 8-frame cycle of JG: F0: guard button pressed down F1: guard button released (*active JG frame?*)...
  12. Fuzion

    Patroklos Tech Trap Discussion

    Drake you rock as usual ;] So only 2A or CE seem to be able to guarantee a hit on some kind of tech... the other stuff you listed with frame disadvantages is for when that move whiffs during their tech, am i right?
  13. Fuzion

    Patroklos Tech Trap Discussion

    Is there anything after 9K hit? It feels like there should be a tech trap opportunity here, but I haven't messed around with it too much. I usually do 9K -> 1K which always seems to hit them on the ground; is it guaranteed?
  14. Fuzion

    Arcade UFO 6.1 Ranbat Results

    Old school tl_crow outta nowhere! nice one man ;]
  15. Fuzion

    Patroklos Q&A/Discussion Thread

    Spamming 'wavedash' with characters like patroklos or pyrrha is really bad in this game; this is not a tekken mishima. For one thing, you have only mids out of dash, all which are very punishable except for 236B BE which is still negative on block. There's no mixup here. Secondly, you are moving...
  16. Fuzion

    Infinite Justice: Patroklos SCV Guide

    Such a great guide DrakeAldan, well done. I agree about the throws though, they should be in the guide too along with more detail about A+B. It doesn't say what it does and doesn't parry. Also I was going to ask about the 66B+G throw - does it only do 65 now? because that's the most I can get in...
  17. Fuzion

    Patroklos Video Thread

    Not bad at all Nyawu, really good for your 2nd time. I think you could use A+B a lot more to eat up some of their mids, and 1B of course (I advocate that to everyone). I like how you use 11K (I think thats the low), I don't use it much at all but it seems like it keeps them in good range for...
  18. Fuzion

    Patroklos' 10 best moves

    So far this is what I use the most: 1. 66B 2. 3B 3. 1K 4. 1B 5. 4K 6. 3A 7. 66A 8. A+B 9. 9K 10. 236A AA and BB as necessary, I didnt list it because its a pretty generic fundamental for any character. I could probably use 2A+B more than I do right now; it looks pretty similar to 66B. I...
  19. Fuzion

    Patroklos Combo Discussion!

    You rock Drake, thanks for the info ;] I'm doing alright, trying to finish this semester so I'll have time to sit down with this game. You don't hit 1B much or you don't like the move? It seems good to me, neutral on block, i21 and 67 dmg or more on hit. I mix this up with 1K, 3B, and throws...
  20. Fuzion

    Patroklos Combo Discussion!

    Does the Combo List sticky ever get updated? Seems like several things in there are wrong, maybe you guys can correct me if I'm wrong since I just started playing this character: 3B -> 66A+B is not a combo, right? 1B -> bA+B+K ~ AA ? bA+B+K isn't a move I know of A+B -> 236K can also be done...