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    Reaching with the new street fighter 6 logo...Trying to find something in a whole lota nothing.

    ok I admit I am going to try to reach with this street fighter 6 logo. As I look at it and with the letters I start to see a cube instead of just a regular hexagon. Luke is a UFC type fighter and in those games you can kite like in soul calibur were you have 8 way run. So I know I'm reaching...
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    Music from SoulCalibur played at the opening ceremony at the JPN 2021 Olympics

    Here is a YouTube vid of what music was played at the event. I was quite proud to hear it when it came on. Did anyone else notice it when it started to play? Here is a small story of the game music that played at the event...
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    Wishlist for a Soulcalibur VII?

    Soul calibur x samurai showdown is what I want to see.
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    Players you no longer see anymore

    Heh I can relate. I bought the game, and the season passes to support the franchise. Yet I play the game by going to cafes that let you play for a limited time on premium hardware for a price. This game can really look good. I hope they add raytracing to it. I also love to watch bouts on youtube...
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    SC6 System Poll

    I have the pc version. I bought the pc version because I hoped namco / some one would add VR, and hoped that ray tracing would come to soul calibur. Also mods.
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    It's totally not Hwang... but it's totally Hwang.

    Wowo he looks wayy better than I thought he would very cool look. I am very glad with all the picks for this games dlc. I would totally buy dlc pack 3 The question would be were to go from here. I think the answer lies with samurai shodown. More characters from samurai shodown along with a few...
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    Setsuka Officially Announced at Today's Fighting Game Roundtable!

    All right. This was the character I was waiting for before buying season 2 dlc's pack. I was wondering if she was going to be the last character. Anyway she is comming, and I am buying the dlc season 2 pack right now. Good stuff.
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    Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread

    Im hoping for Setsuka, Viola [Amy] then Hwang. Also to be able to play/watch matches in VR.
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    Cassandra "officially" announced at EVO 2019!

    Ohh this was a great idea. More characters from Samurai Showdown plz. Maybe Soulcalibur 7 could be a full crossover? I'm really digging this. Good job namco. A great start for the season 2 pass. I now hoping for Setsuka...Maybe Hawang. I wonder if it would be possible to put VR in this game...
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    SOULCALIBUR 6: WishList Thread

    As a casual from soul edge to soul Calibur 4. I just wanted to give my few cents. -First penny Soul Calibur 2's 8 way run is the best Calibur. The best! Regardless of peoples feelings about turtling. -Second Penny I LOVED that in soul calibur 2 you had 8 way run air control while...
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    SOULCALIBUR 6 Announced at the TGAs!

    I am hoping for VR. Also physics with soul calibur 2's 8 way run, and aerial juggle control. I hate when people can knock you in the air, and you might as well put the controller down. I loved being able to have some control over where I was in the air.
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    SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary Video

    Well at least they did not forget about it. A VR soulcalibur/Edge would be killer. They should just reboot. VR is all about hand to hand combat in most of the games so a new Soulcalibur Legends would fight right in.
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    Project Soul wants to know your favorite characters!

    I want Talim but since I can only vote one I will vote sung mina
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    What was your first Project Soul (Soul Calibur) game and what did you initially think of the series?

    My first was soul edge. I loved that swords could break. I was then wowed by the intro which is one of the best. Then the dreamcast came along and the graphics was as good as the soul edge intro in-game. Back then that blew my mind.. The most memorable thing I loved about soul edge/calibur was...
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    Capcom open to buyout

    Sega! Sonic team still has some life in it.
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    ULTRA Street Fighter IV

    People can accept evil ryu because he is accessing the dark hado. The way to save this character is for her to access her inner psycho power.
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    Character Roster is culturally uneven

    They like their skin pale and their nips pink...Every character that can not reproduce that is expendable.
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    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    Well it is hard to dislike free...
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    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    umm I'm not feeling this...