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  1. SpaghettiViking

    Xianghua General Discussion / Try To Keep Up

    Go into the Move List in game, Simultaneous Press, then highlight the exact move (2A+B, 6A+B, 4A+B) and look at the bottom. It lists the exact move type/level that each move aGI's. As a rule of thumb, 6A+B aGI's anything vertical, 4A+B aGI's anything Horizontal (not low), and 2A+B catches...
  2. SpaghettiViking

    Looking for Steam players

    Absolutely! go ahead and add me. I am in Mountain Time and typically play in the evenings (7:00PM MST)
  3. SpaghettiViking


    Welcome! It seems like a lot of the day-to-day activity has transferred to the 8WR and the unofficial character discords. Definitely check them out if you want to network with folks. I remember playing SC2 for the first time when I was a kid. Mashing with Maxi and Taki were my favorite things...
  4. SpaghettiViking

    Pretty new RN, looking for tips to refine what I already know...

    Add me on Steam and we can do some training sessions: SpaghettiViking I main Xianghua and sub Sophitia. Been playing since SC2, competitively since SC4.
  5. SpaghettiViking

    Xianghua Top 10 moves

    3A has to be on the top 10 list. I use this move constantly and it's amazing. In soul charge, it just gets better with 3A A.
  6. SpaghettiViking

    Xianghua Combo List

    Great job! I downloaded a copy of this list to my phone so I can reference it whenever.
  7. SpaghettiViking

    Scrub looking to get better

    Added you on Steam.
  8. SpaghettiViking

    Long time casual SC player joining the forums.

    Welcome to the competitive scene! If you play on PC, add me on Steam: SpaghettiViking Hit me up and we can run some matches! :)
  9. SpaghettiViking

    Looking for Steam players

    Hi Karaokelove, I sent you a steam invite. My Steam ID is SpaghettiViking. I'm a veteran player that mains Xianghua, sub Sophitia.
  10. SpaghettiViking

    Scrub looking to get better

    Add me on Steam if you'd like to do some training. I'm a Xianghua main. Been playing her since Soul Calibur 2. Steam Handle: SpaghettiViking
  11. SpaghettiViking

    muh X (some notes on the character)

    Serge! Good to see you still around. When I made my debut as a scrublet in SC4, I looked at your X guides and videos to get better at the game. What platform do you play on? We should get some games in some time!
  12. SpaghettiViking

    Xianghua General Discussion / Try To Keep Up

    If anyone is interested in training on Xianghua, hit me up. I play on PC primarily. I'm happy to train beginner players, or to spar with advanced players. Add me and send me a message. Steam: SpaghettiViking
  13. SpaghettiViking


    Welcome Saboteur-6. I highly, highly recommend getting into the 8WayRun discord and searching for the links to character specific servers from there. Each character has one primary server that acts as that character's hub for discussion and learning new stuff. That's probably the best place to...
  14. SpaghettiViking

    [Colorado] We are Higher than you

    Hell yeah. I know Hammer is down for games too.
  15. SpaghettiViking

    SOULCALIBUR VI Delay Rumors Debunked and More Guest Characters

    Can't wait for the release date to drop! We've all been waiting for so long...
  16. SpaghettiViking

    muh X (some notes on the character)

    Good notes! I'm so excited for this game. Since you were one of the lucky few who got to play, I have a few questions for you. Is her CE fast enough to be used as a punisher, or is it strictly a combo piece? Is the SC5 guaranteed combo of Guard Impact > Critical Edge still valid, or can we...
  17. SpaghettiViking

    Geralt From The Witcher Joins SOULCALIBUR!

    Excited to see Geralt here. He'll fit well. His outfit looks a little bit bland, though. I wonder if we'll see multiple guests this time around. Still holding a little bit of hope for 2B.
  18. SpaghettiViking

    Four New Characters Revealed!

    Xianghua is BACK! WOOT! Her voice acting is annoying (as always) but that won't stop me from playing her. I can't wait to use those mixups!
  19. SpaghettiViking

    Cass got leaked!? SOURCE?

    Cass got leaked!? SOURCE?