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    Mitsurugi General Discussion / Trips & Tricks

    @iFIXzhit nope just damage
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    Mitsurugi Network Test Impressions

    Thanks for the write up, Belial. I had a lot of the same thoughts you listed, so its nice to have someone put pen to paper on Mitsurugi's current stance in the game right now.
  3. IV Wind

    Current Demo Movelist

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Forgot that 236K was 11K from SC4.
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    Sorry for being a douche.

    It takes a lot for a guy to admit when he was in the wrong, specially after all these years. Glad to see you back in action on Calibur.
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    Current Demo Movelist

    This is the current movelist/notes gathered from all available Demos played over the last few months. Moves retained from Soulcalibur V: Verticals: BB 3B (SC6 Note: Lethal Hit on crouching opponents.) 44B (Still capable of entering MST) 66B/33B/99B,66BB/33BB/99BB 11B, 11BA, 11BA4~MST...
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    SC Controversial Topics and General Shitposting Thread

    Lost a lot of brain cells reading through this. Also found out that coloring different parts of text is a great way to get a point across.
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    Do you only read reddit or something about this?

    Do you only read reddit or something about this?
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    Is this Mitsu's new jumping B or are While Landing attacks back?

    Gives people an idea not to always go low on Mitsurugi seeing that this is an available option.
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    Knock knock it's...

    Welcome to the site.
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    Spectator Cast #26 Soulcalibur 6? with Greatone, Partisan, and Party Wolf

    Those are some pretty cool people in that cast.
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    The wait is over. Lets Begin.

    The wait is over. Lets Begin.
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    There is no Soul Calibur 6, I killed all the members of Project Soul.
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    Old Man's Wisdom: Mitsurugi Combos

    Held on to this stuff for quite some time, likely it is universal at this point in time to most Mitsurugi players but, I felt I should put it up here regardless. Strongest Meterless (FC1B as combo start): FC1B ~ W! ~ 3B ~ W! ~ FC1BB ~ 66BB : 99 dmg (This combo can get messed up depending on 3B...
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    nah he ded.

    nah he ded.
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    PSN/XBL Ragequitters

    Because you commented and start liking like every post in this thread.
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    Tekken 7 is a thing...

    It wouldn't be a tekken game with shet capos.
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    wow abuse of power. I demand my rights

    wow abuse of power. I demand my rights