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    Seong Mi-na 1.11 Changes - Translated

    Okubo posted the official translation on twitter. Apparently 追尾性 means tracking...well at least my Japanese got marginally better. :P
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    Seong Mi-na 1.11 Changes - Translated Note: While I do know Japanese, fighting game technical vocabulary is unknown to me so there is some guesswork here. Note2: There is a game-wide comment in the "Battle System" section of the patch notes mentioning that they made it easier to do...
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    Out of curiosity SilentWall, how did you test all of that? Is there some special third party software or something?
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    Mi-na's Guard Crushes

    Great info; thanks for compiling this. On the 66[B+K] -> 6A+B strings: I am technically getting 1 higher damage (e.g. 103 vs 102 on the 44B guard break) with 8A+B. I assume we still like the 6A+B string since they still don't gain air control and we get more frames for better oki. (neither...
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    How do you guys deal with Groh? I feel like there are windows you can use in Sophitia, Taki, and Talim's offense (though admittedly I still get crushed by Talim....). But I feel like after Groh enters into his stance you're in a very unfavorable rock paper scissors situation. -2A beats the...
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    Seong Mi-na Combos

    I'm having difficulties consistently landing the 3b:K follow-up after 44B+K -> back turned B+K in various situations (LH wr B+K, LH 44A+B, LH A+B, etc). It looks like the launcher property changes if you hit them RIGHT before they hit the ground. Has anyone else had difficulty with this timing...