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  1. Chronvict

    Early Frame Data Analysis

    His CE is -24, There is a frame data table here
  2. Chronvict

    Akihabara January monthly

    Colorado monthly Please Prereg at Prereg venue fee- 5$ At door venue fee- 10$ Start Time: 3pm The Colorado scene is really starting to heat up . Let's meet up for some epic battles!
  3. Chronvict

    Kilik Patch Notes

    Patch 1.10 3B: It can now be punished with impact 12 moves. You can also now practice the Lethal Hit 3B in training. This just confirmed to me that this Lethal Hit is hard to maximize. You can do a 44K!B for higher damage. This is flashy and cool but kind of hard to land online, and if you...
  4. Chronvict

    Akihabara December monthly

    Cool. Yeah I kind of like a 1-2 hour break before the finals but the break was like 6 hours last time. Believe it or not there is a point where I do just get sick of playing video games haha
  5. Chronvict

    Akihabara December monthly

    Not sure if you monitor this thread, but will Top 8 be a late night thing again?
  6. Chronvict

    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    Ok thanks guys I'll try out some of that later. I've been working on the timing just didn't know how quite to implement the move yet
  7. Chronvict

    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    Not sure if this is where I should post this, but does anyone know the point of the Just Frame Pogo move? 8B+K!B!B It doesn't seem to do additional damage compared to the non just frame version and I can't see any other differences.
  8. Chronvict

    Reverse Edge needs a nerf

    A few people are hating on Reversal Edge which I can kind of see, but I happen to be a fan. Personally I loved Soul Calibur 5, but people that weren't really good at Soul Calibur had a hard time getting into it. The defensive options were good but only at a high level. 4A+B+K but only if you...
  9. Chronvict

    Kilik Lethal Hit Combos

    Oh shoot. I was all excited about finally getting the frame data too and now I read this. The combo of Lethal Hit 3B into 44K!B sounds like just what I was looking for though
  10. Chronvict

    Is it just me or SCVI throw break system is retarded?

    I'm glad somebody else thinks this. There was no reason to change the grab system in my opinion. I thought A+K could have been Reversal Edge. Shoot maybe even 4G. I have nothing to add to this conversation other than I had to voice that I agree. Weird unnecessary change.
  11. Chronvict

    Kilik Lethal Hit Combos

    That is some good stuff. Does anyone have any ideas for what to do after the 3B lethal hit? I can't figure out a way to trigger it in practice so I haven't come up with anything good yet.
  12. Chronvict

    How to maximize Kilik's Soul Charge?

    If you're already dangerously close to being KO'd, the life drain doesn't really matter all that much. So it's not a bad time to activate it when your low on health and need an offensive boost to catch up and win the round. The drain won't kill you and you won't feel pressured about needing to...
  13. Chronvict

    Final Notes and Ultimate Strategies with Xiba

    Hey everyone. I've been playing Soul Calibur 5 since it came out and have never bothered posting on the forums much before now. I've done a lot of fighting with Xiba, and over the years I've come up with a few strategies / combos / ukemi traps that I've not seen posted anywhere online before...
  14. Chronvict

    Northeast Championship XVI

    Where are the results for this tourny? Trying to figure out what happened on day 2.
  15. Chronvict

    [Jun 26, 2015] CEO Community Ran Side Tournament (Orlando, Florida)

    Hey don't know if you'll check this now but if you know what room you're in you should let me know! We're at the wyndham now.
  16. Chronvict

    [Jun 26, 2015] CEO Community Ran Side Tournament (Orlando, Florida)

    Cool sounds good man thanks for the info. I think I'll get that spectator badge then and I'll see you at the tournament!
  17. Chronvict

    [Jun 26, 2015] CEO Community Ran Side Tournament (Orlando, Florida)

    Hey so I was trying to register for the tournament but had a couple questions. All I want to play is Soul Calibur, but the registration seems to be requiring me to sign up for at least one game on the official lineup. If I just get a spectator badge would that be cool for letting me play in...
  18. Chronvict

    Why do most pro players love to do them overkills?

    Haha no joke though even when we play in house we never skip replays with each other. Getting everyone off of their game is a nice bonus though
  19. Chronvict

    Why do most pro players love to do them overkills?

    People hate those replays much more than t bagging and overkills
  20. Chronvict

    Why do most pro players love to do them overkills?

    The best is extending the overkill with a grab then watching the whole replay at tournaments.