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  1. SenoritaMama

    Jrasta's Sketches

    Awesome, bro. :D
  2. SenoritaMama

    Hello all

    Hi, welcome to the boards! What's your reason for joining? Cheers!
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    R.I.P. Thread

    RIP John Drake - lead singer of the Amboy Dukes, until he was ousted by the gruesome Ted Nugent.
  4. SenoritaMama

    Playing games this Pandemic

    "Many parents complain that their teenage children spend too much time playing video games. But it seems the pastime is the best strategy to survive a prolonged coronavirus lockdown. That’s because gaming – like running – is an immersive activity that helps people focus their energy by...
  5. SenoritaMama

    How Have Tech Shortages Affected You?

    The pandemic has exposed many weaknesses in foreign supply chain. Simple things are oddly out of stock... TP, soap, microchip, etc.
  6. SenoritaMama

    The Metroidvania and Beat 'em Up Thread

    Oh, wow! This should be how Contra was back then, plus his arsenal is awesome!
  7. SenoritaMama

    The Metroidvania and Beat 'em Up Thread

    Migami games did a great job on this one.
  8. SenoritaMama

    Fighting Games General

    I took a look at the list of input lag from fighting games and it looks like six frames of input lag isn't ideal, but it's not terrible? Is one frame of input delay on PC an outlier because the keyboard connection doesn't add extra delay?
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    R.I.P. Thread

    RIP Dusty Hill
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    A question for all of you...

    Dude, why? LOL.
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    Jrasta's Sketches

  12. SenoritaMama

    Good Video Editing App for Android phones

    Thank you. Just need basic trimming and maybe stiching some clips together.
  13. SenoritaMama

    Modding Soul Calibur III (UPDATED - 18.09.2020)

    Because it's a Japanese old brand? We all know they have different OS systems. chips and stuff in their devices and the old nintendo is not an exception of that imo.
  14. SenoritaMama

    Fighting Games General

    Now that's new to me. I can't wait for her moves!
  15. SenoritaMama

    The Metroidvania and Beat 'em Up Thread

    The visuals are so godly!
  16. SenoritaMama

    Tekken 7 is a thing...

    Yes! I've been longing on this one also to happen.