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  1. Ryu-Gi

    I made an item for TF2! Please vote for it!

    I just published my first ever item for the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. If accepted, it will become a useable item in the game! Click on the picture to visit its page on the Steam Workshop, and please upvote it so that Valve can see it!
  2. Ryu-Gi

    Amazing 3D Soul Calibur art and more (LARGE IMAGES)

    Bumping because I have new stuff for this thread. Recently obtained a Kilik model and just had to do a picture with him.
  3. Ryu-Gi


    Didn't know we had one.
  4. Ryu-Gi


    And now for your daily dose of WTF. Yes, that is Kilik shooting Nightmare with an AK-47.
  5. Ryu-Gi

    CAS modifications : Transparency, Size change, and additonal stage

    I'm interested in the fact that Zas and Talim's animations are still in the programming. Give me hope that one day they'll be introduced as DLC fighting styles.
  6. Ryu-Gi

    "Let's Play!" Videos

    I've decided to try my hand at a "Let's Play" video. Comment or like the video if you think I should continue. I am also leaving this thread open for other people to post their own "Let's Play!" videos, if you feel like doing one.
  7. Ryu-Gi

    The Cepheus Store thread

    I've seen most people use the raccoon tails as a beard, seems to look alright.
  8. Ryu-Gi

    Funny/Curious hall titles

    I laughed harder then I should have.
  9. Ryu-Gi

    The Cepheus Store thread

    Ooh! Maybe we'll be able to recreate the shop keepers with some of the new parts in another update!
  10. Ryu-Gi

    Japanese offical artbook & guide .. Cassandra, Korean, Setsuka, side story

    I like Dampierre's gang. They totally need to have their own game where they try to pull heists and stuff like that.
  11. Ryu-Gi

    I just noticed this...Astaroth clones in the background of Astaroth's stage

    That probably would have made for a fun mini-game, like fighting the collosus in SC3.
  12. Ryu-Gi

    Your signature!

    And here's another one: <---I love this woman! :) I really like Susan Coffey. Can you tell?
  13. Ryu-Gi

    So tomorrow you come in to $2,000,000...

    First thing I would do is use it to pay off my loans. I'd spend part of it helping my parents financially, and would save a couple thousand for my own little wants. The rest I'd give to charity.
  14. Ryu-Gi

    Who do you WISH was your main?

  15. Ryu-Gi

    Viola Fan Artwork!

    Yeah, that's ridiculously awesome. Is that Artist on DeviantArt? I want to favorite it and share it with others. EDIT: Never mind, I found the gallery.
  16. Ryu-Gi

    Ivy's pet Homunculi

    HOLY CRAP THEY HAVE HANDS. I didn't notice that before! ...Ivy, what the hell have you been doing?! EDIT: On second glance Jennifer looks kinda dead-ish. Someone needs to feed the poor little guys.
  17. Ryu-Gi

    Ivy's pet Homunculi

    If I had the game I'd totally get some screenshots of the little guys if I could, can anyone else oblige?
  18. Ryu-Gi

    Ivy's pet Homunculi

    There's something I've noticed about Ivy's stage. On one side of the stage there's a cage with these two little pink things in it that look like blobs with short tentacles and one eye. I swear, every time I play on that stage I HAVE to look at them. They're just so funny, cramped up in their...