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    Zasalamel Combo Listings

  2. DrakeAldan

    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    Really?? Is it a shakeable stun? I've been doing A+B, 44A+B and the computer nor people I play escape unless I'm slow or lagging. Some stuff I use: LH 6BB, 44A+B route 22B, 46BB TS2, 2A+B, 2A+B Training mode settings seem a little janky and I don't know how much I should trust things that...
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    Did I port forward correctly?

    It's true. You can't have your console automatically set itself when it comes to network settings, you'll have to manually set a static IP yourself (if you're trying to forward ports, anyway). ... Is it any different, for the new consoles...? I thought the easiest thing to do, would be to set...
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    Korrasami. Get @ me

    Korrasami. Get @ me
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    Ooo, that slider's pretty.

    Ooo, that slider's pretty.
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    What do you think about tiers?

    as said, number stats are meant to represent difficulty. I personally refrain from using them, though. They are so subjective, and the thing is, you don't want to get yourself caught in self-fulfilling prophecies (re: the low tier option select/"that was a bad matchup"). On the flipside, you...
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    Tekken 7 is a thing...

    Outplayed. Well, armor should lose to lows and throws, so... I can just imagine that online'll be a hoot, though.
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    The Complete Patroklos Guide Series

    Links in first post updated. Moved the files over to Mediafire.
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    What do you think about tiers?

    To restate The Sanford™: If you think tiers matter, pick a top tier. If you want to make sure the time you spend results in maximum returns, pick a top tier. If you want to play the game solely to win, and nothing else, pick a top tier. If you trust the current consensus of a tier list, pick...
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    Lost Swords

    Two things: 1. Ultimately, supporting the franchise is important. If Lost Swords dies, most likely Soul Calibur dies. You may not agree with this particular kind of support, but I can't call it out, either. 2. You should not get between a man and his waifu.
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    Lost Swords

    ... Well, I hope SCVI's very good.
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    When you show up at tournaments, of course. Skill really means nothing until something's on the...

    When you show up at tournaments, of course. Skill really means nothing until something's on the line. Pressure and stress make for a whole new game.
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    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    So. ... This game is out. I seem to have a habit of being attracted to characters who have ass range. Anybody playing this kusoge?
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    Replay analysis is necessary for quick and focused improvement... but it sure does make you mad.

    Replay analysis is necessary for quick and focused improvement... but it sure does make you mad.
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    Lost Swords

    Grinding Angel's Depot for stones, "grating" seems like the overall theme. Maintenance didn't bring Mina, so when do you think it will be? I got my ass kicked attempting the 24h Phantom quest on hard and blew through some of my (already scant) resources doing it... The AI's a big step up from...
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    Lost Swords

    S ranked items seem like liabilities. Especially so if the starting stats aren't great, they level up so slowly and eat so many stones it's just prohibitive. Terrible, terrible ROI. If they are better than what you have or the rest of your equipment is maxed out, I suppose keeping one around...
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    Lost Swords

    Ah, man. Don't play SCV after playing this game. Oh he whiffed. BB and... hey where's the rest?!
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    Lost Swords

    Old news, maybe? I don't know if it works on harder difficulties, but I find that because of scaling, it's more economical to go for resets rather than full combos. (that is, sweeping them repeatedly when they are in Soul Burst seems to do a lot more damage a lot faster than repeatedly hitting...
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    Lost Swords

    I thought I was too late to get the "Sky Blue Triangle Bikini" since I only started playing Ace Combat Infinity yesterday (the dates say "Sept. 17 0:00 - Sept. 14 21:00" which... doesn't make a whole lot of sense...) but I just received it in the mail. I thought maybe it would be some sort of...
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    Lost Swords

    Just got posted on FB. Color's a little off, huh.