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  1. Rome

    SC5 Good Games Thread

    hahaha, what a fraud XD
  2. Rome

    SC5 Good Games Thread

    ggs to scrubasa and pee fraud aka beebot
  3. Rome

    JGing Tech Catches

    but its not absolutely necessary to do the "6:6G" input very fast and at the moment before u would get hit, doesnt it? cos i remember that UJG which i did against Mitsus CE and there i did the input to getting up much earlier... tho maybe its because the CE animation was between there...
  4. Rome

    Soul Calibur V Hilde by RndmCE_Rome

    Don't want to blame my opponents, just thought the fights were very entertaining. GGs to both :)
  5. Rome

    Soul Calibur V Dem Hilde Reset Loops by RndmCE_Rome

    Look at those resets *_* pure love, hah :D but take a look at 0:10 , thats a reset which i often had in many fights but never was able to reproduce it often enough in practice mode to try out what properties it has. to be honest, i think its either a techtrap or its an unescapeable reset which...
  6. Rome

    Soul Calibur V Hilde, RndmCE_Rome

    Yoo peeps! Well, after don't playing SC since months it seems i still can handle it :D This video should'nt show me as an mega-pro or similar bullshit like this, lol. Thats just some cool fights, whcih i think could entertain y'all a litle :) thats it... nothing more ;) so, i hope u'll like my...
  7. Rome

    KI Maya Combo Madness

    KI Maya Combo Madness
  8. Rome

    BT B+K Magic

    lol, really would like an option which shows the hitboxes in p-mode. i bet the half of astas moves fill the whole screen :P
  9. Rome

    cool, i will be there for some ft5's :)

    cool, i will be there for some ft5's :)
  10. Rome

    RndmCE_Rome ( Hilde ) vs Leixia, Zwei

    Well, its allways cool to use Hildes great movement and her pokes :D
  11. Rome

    Oh, yeah exactly :) Thx man! So i had to search in the wiki section... good to know!

    Oh, yeah exactly :) Thx man! So i had to search in the wiki section... good to know!
  12. Rome

    do we have a frame chart for Aeon at 8wayrun? could'nt find one...

    do we have a frame chart for Aeon at 8wayrun? could'nt find one...
  13. Rome

    [Aug 1, 2014] EBO 2014 (East Brandenburg Open) - We are back! (Wriezen, Brandenburg)

    Whats with the other players? Mayu? Takin? Still want to join EBO? Btw the list in the first post is wrong, we are allready more players right now
  14. Rome

    Bushido Blade: Should it come back?

    Man, Bushido Blade was one of the greatest game series back in PS1 times *_* The concept of killing the opponent with one deadly attack was pretty nice and with a good guard and parry system it still should work these days. Maybe even competitive? Who knows...
  15. Rome

    Epic Battle - MaikoSC ( Ivy, Nightmare ) vs RndmCE Rome ( Hilde )

    ==== PLEASE READ DESCRIBTION ==== I do not own any of the music-content in this video. Its 100% non-profit and just for simple entertainment. Hello everyone! It took a while but finally my new SCV video is finished. Some great fights vs my mate MaikoSC! I hope you all will like and watch it...
  16. Rome

    Hamburg Brawl One #7 (26.04.14)

    I had to play with unfamilar PS3 pad instead of my fightpad XD ( my Hilde is much better than in this video :P :P :P ) BUT it was great. Can't wait for the next time!
  17. Rome

    press "forward" for backstep

    press "forward" for backstep
  18. Rome

    Hilde Players Unite! PSN/LIVE Player List!

    PSN: RndmCE_Rome Location: Europe / Germany The list should be in alphabetical order. So its much easier to find people :)
  19. Rome

    What are the best BE and CE moves?

    yes, of course the iGDR noob-BE has good mixup abilities :) The good thing is that Yoshi just need to do A+K to bring the whole mixup down after Cervs BE xD ...okay, maybe a slightly delayed BT B+K would still hit.
  20. Rome

    What are the best BE and CE moves?

    Hildes CE is one of the best. Great whiffpunisher with almost half life dmg and half screen range. Cervantes' iGDR BE crap move and Yoshis iMCF BE crap move