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  1. Ramification-EX

    The soul still burns

    The soul still burns
  2. Ramification-EX

    Looking for serious competition (SC2 HD 360)

    I haven't played anyone since the patch that includes connection quality on the bottom right, but when I've played most people outside of the country it hasn't been tremendous, I'd estimate a 3. Sometimes its smooth, it depends on who I'm playing. Feel free to hit me up and we can test the...
  3. Ramification-EX

    Help LostProvidence and Lolo make it to Final Round 17

    Awesome news. I'm especially hype to see Lolo making it out there. He inspired me to main Yoshi. Final Round is gonna be on point. Btw RTD, what's the direct link to that FB group?
  4. Ramification-EX

    Skill Project Studies: Instant Possession (iPO) & 66G+B Throw (Salvaged)

    Was the notation different back then or what? Isn't Fan Dance PO A+K? Why is it listed K:a?
  5. Ramification-EX

    Mississippi Area

    You mean THE Mick, the old school player? Could you still get in touch with him? I'm looking for some good SC2 players. Let me know, thanks.
  6. Ramification-EX

    Cervantes Combo Thread

    CH bA -> 66B (99) on clean hit, (74) on shallow hit -> AA (69) Also: For CH 11/77 B -> B2, I get 115 each time I do it and not 100 as is listed.
  7. Ramification-EX

    Yoshi Top Ten Moves

    What does RCC refer to?
  8. Ramification-EX

    Cervantes Video Discussion Thread

    Excellent Cervantes tutorial by Aris Cervy Relaunches X. Highest damage combo in the game (and the most difficult)
  9. Ramification-EX

    [PSN/XBL] Online Player List

    Ramification-EX Memphis, TN, United States XBL: Ramification EX
  10. Ramification-EX

    SC2 HDO Player List

    XBL Ramification EX Characters: Yoshimitsu and Cervantes Region: Memphis, TN
  11. Ramification-EX

    Looking for serious competition (SC2 HD 360)

    I've been playing it since it came out and generally had no issues. I'd say 8 out of 10 games are highly playable for me. Of course I'd prefer offline but my city doesn't have a scene to speak of.
  12. Ramification-EX

    [Tennessee] Obligatory Title

    I know this thread is mad old, but I thought to reply so maybe some of you guys from Memphis would catch this in your email. Do any of you play SC2 HD locally? I'm itching for offline competition. This game is the best in the series and it's time for a revival!
  13. Ramification-EX

    Looking for serious competition (SC2 HD 360)

    For serious players on 360, add me on XBL and include a message '8wayrun' or something so I know where you're from. GT: Ramification EX The soul still burns.
  14. Ramification-EX

    [Memphis, TN] Roll call for mid-south meetups!

    Ok, so I just moved back to Memphis, TN and was wondering who is in the city or in nearby cities who plays SC2 HD or SC5 so we can get together and have some bi-weeklies or monthly get togethers.
  15. Ramification-EX

    Mississippi Area

    I just moved back to the Memphis area looking for some offline competition for SC2 HD mostly, but I am willing to pick SC5 up again.
  16. Ramification-EX

    Post-MLG / Pre-EVO Ranking Ladder Update!

    Omega: You still haven't gotten paid for the tournament in Las Vegas? That's bullshit man. I'm really sorry to hear that. Namco needs to show some seriously accountability to the players and community that help make Soul Calibur what it is.
  17. Ramification-EX

    8WAYRUN Ranking Ladder Is Now Live!

    Civil War 4 took place on April 28th. The partial results are here: There were 17 total entrants.
  18. Ramification-EX

    MASH3D SCV Results

    Wish I could have made it out to this; was out of town at the time. Shoutout to all to attended. Gotta keep Soul Calibur alive! Anything major in the area coming up in the next few weeks? I won't be going to ECT as I originally intended, so that is out of the question.
  19. Ramification-EX

    Civil War 4 Results

    The game does seem to be dying, but it isn't because Algol won a major. Tiamat is just that fucking good. He is no slouch with Nightmare either. Ask anybody who has played him or watch this archived stream: If people don't start showing up for these...
  20. Ramification-EX

    Civil War 4 Results

    Yoshi is the truth, real talk. Need more info? See my avatar.