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  1. Xeph

    NEC19 Donation Drive to get Kura in attendance!

    NEC 19 will be held in King of Prussia, PA, December 14-16th. As of right now, we have representatives from Singapore, France and Mexico confirmed. As well as America's best, and possibly Canadian representatives! Now we're trying to pull in the money to help Kura (The top Korean competitor)...
  2. Xeph

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Seems raph is fairly step-able.... 22/88B works wonders in the MU if the raphael is being linear.
  3. Xeph

    SOULCALIBUR VI Network Test on PS4/XB1

    Honestly, changed my mine completely. with the limited time, I'd rather spend on Sophitia/Mitsurugi and possibly one of the characters we haven't seen gameplay of yet (Vold, Tira, Talim). but nah, no manfried for me more than likely.
  4. Xeph

    SOULCALIBUR VI Network Test on PS4/XB1

    I'm in dis bish edit: Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Astaroth, Zasalemel, Ivy, Maxi will be the characters I look in to firstly. If not these... Taki, Yoshimitsu, Geralt, Groh
  5. Xeph

    @Hayate_Ein Shows Off Final Ver. of SC6 as well as Lizardman!

    Hm.. that leyezerd man movelist is very interesting. I'm hyped.
  6. Xeph


    @shen11a1 No, but he's from Japan. He's regarded as the current bnest player in the world, but at EVO, @MONEYMUFFINS beat him, taking 1st.
  7. Xeph

    Game breaking : Ivy nearly duplicate animation 2B+K and 2A+G but require different guard.

    In Ivy's 2A+G case, her 50/50 is range 2-3. A bit different from DJ. As someone mentioned before, Ivy's 2A+G seems to not be step-able. Which can make this move annoying hard to deal with in SOULCALIBUR. side note: Fighting her up close, you're pretty much in a 50/50 again assuming said Ivy...
  8. Xeph

    SCVI Sophitia Pre-release Overview & Analysis

    Still could be. Game isn't released still and Sophitia in particular, doesn't seem to have a lot of testing. Myself included. So it's still a possibility, and her BnB could be different by the time the game comes out.
  9. Xeph

    SCVI Sophitia Pre-release Overview & Analysis

    Possible wall splat or RINGOUT potential. 66B, TAS B, TAS B is a combo, but only in SOULCHARGE mode. Otherwise, looks like 66B, TAS B, 4B is your BnB when not in SC.
  10. Xeph

    EVO 2018 SCVI Side Tournament Action!

  11. Xeph

    EVO 2018 SCVI Side Tournament Action!

    Starting Friday, August 3rd, Namco Bandai will be hosting a multitude of exhibitions. From a 192 man singles tournament via Friday, to a Teams 5v5 event. Myself and @Party Wolf will be in attendance, among other notable competitors! Make sure to tune in both Friday and Saturday...
  12. Xeph

    It's Getting Hot in Here... Voldo is Back!

    I support this reveal.
  13. Xeph

    Redheaded Yoshimitsu Returns to Liberate Your Soul

    Calling it now, those soul stealing moves Yoshimitsu does, will heal him.
  14. Xeph

    Taki Revealed on a Tuesday

    good leak, good leak.
  15. Xeph

    SOUL CALIBUR VI Ring Out Event + Exhibition Recap

    Podcast starting soon (next hour or so) here... Covering the event. Will include Hates and Ceirnian, and #1 fan GreatOne. will be covering some stuff about the event/SC6 in the podcast. Anyone have some questions or things you want us to go over, post here...
  16. Xeph

    SOUL CALIBUR VI Ring Out Event + Exhibition Recap

    Namco Bandai held a special event for SOUL CALIBUR VI this passing Thursday in San Francisco, California. Fortunately for me, I was invited to attend and compete in the exhibition portion of the event. Though there was no announcements, or any sort of reveal, we did get to experience more...
  17. Xeph

    SOULCALIBUR VI - Live from Ring Out S.F. w/ Kayane and Markman

    Soul Calibur VI Ringout Special Event + 4-man exhibition tournament featuring Kayane, Xephukai, Ceirnian and Renzo (Yellowtail).
  18. Xeph

    Knock knock it's...

    Hello and welcome bruh. SC6 is coming out!!!
  19. Xeph

    [Southern California] Kings Of the Ant Hill

    I'll be sure to try and visit you guys and NorCal!