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  1. richsticks

    An early personal SCVI Maxi verdict: Strong but undeniable flawed

    A lot of my concerns with maxi's game would be fixed if they made LI B -18 or -20 on block, slightly increased the forward tracking of RC A, made RO K consistently hit after 33B CH, allowed WL A LH to not be disabled if your opponent attempts to re-GI WL, let B RO AK become a counter hit combo...
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    2A+B set w/ IRM
  3. richsticks

    [Iowa] How do you like your eggs?

    Hey thanks for all the information, I'll definitely try to make my way over to jay's for the next tournament. Crazy how I used to go there all the time but never looked into that.
  4. richsticks

    [Iowa] How do you like your eggs?

    My friend and I are looking for tournaments in iowa if anyone knows of any. We’re in the des moines/ames area
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    Close set vs talim
  6. richsticks

    First mode you'll play?

    Practice for around 10 minutes then straight into ranked. Would be an hour if they didn't do that network test.
  7. richsticks

    Isha boy, KilBils.

  8. richsticks

    Summer Jam 9

    has anyone uploaded the matches to youtube?
  9. richsticks

    PSN/XBL Hatemail Thread

    I got some fans!
  10. richsticks

    New SOULCALIBUR Title at E3? *EDIT: Hah! Nope

    Dark Souls III was just announced so we can check that off the list for an "Unnanounced" Namco game.
  11. richsticks

    New SOULCALIBUR Title at E3? *EDIT: Hah! Nope

    Welp, guess this is the 1st time that I'll be following E3
  12. richsticks

    save me from myself

    Why are you playing a game that makes you constantly angry?
  13. richsticks

    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    Can't forget one very important thing, having a good tutorial.
  14. richsticks

    Soulcalibur Players Map

    Des Moines, IA
  15. richsticks

    It's about time I made one of these threads.

    Anyway, hi everyone! I've been lurking this site for quite some time, made an account not too long ago, and now I ought to introduce myself. My original gamertag on Xbox live was Daxx Slay3r, and I have recently changed it to Mary Boppins. I main Astaroth and Patroklos, with Mist of Noobi, Maxi...
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    Siegfried General Discussion / Q&A

    What are some good options if 3(B) is blocked?
  17. richsticks

    PSN/XBL Hatemail Thread

    I guess all Asta players are anime-liking bitches