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  1. jimmypikachuchoi

    PS4 Online Monthly Cup May2023 jimmypikachuchoi Matches 05/10/2023

    0:00 Intro 0:17 1st Rd vs. RickRockk 10:58 2nd Rd vs. the_red-oneg4 :sc1sig1: 20:04 3rd Rd vs. killer_crazy1998 :sc2nm1::sc3tir1: 25:47 4th Rd vs. NavyGuy1775 :sc1kil1::sc4sig1: 32:39 QF's vs. Revinisme :sc3hwang1: 40:51 SF's vs. DrPsychoTTV :sc3zas1: 53:55 GF's vs. M1ndwolf :sc1kil1:
  2. jimmypikachuchoi

    FFXV 2023 SCVI Results

    Looks like they finally got the individual top 8 pics from Frosty's, so that was cool. If anyone was wondering what I was holding on my phone, it was a pic of our FGC in WI for good luck :)
  3. jimmypikachuchoi

    FFXV 2023 SCVI Results

    HOLY SHIT!! That's PIKAMAZING!!! Thanks for that art! How long did that take for you to do?
  4. jimmypikachuchoi

    FFXV 2023 SCVI Results

    Wow, it seems like forever, since I've typed anything in this forum, lol. Frosty Faustings happened just lil less than a few days ago and it was pretty amazing. Had 55 really strong players coming over to show their burning souls for this franchise. Here are the results: 1 Incendiate (Geralt)...
  5. jimmypikachuchoi

    Who Want$ the GA$ Money? ForsakenYamato vs. DeadlyHandle

    Post tourney two of our top WI PIKAPEEPS wanted to do a money match to get more gas money. This began when DeadlyHandle said that ForsakenYamato would not be able to beat him with Sophitia. This prompted ForsakenYamato to challenge him to a 1st to 5 money match. Only $20 total, but enough for...
  6. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #5 Results 01/05/2019

    Fun times guys. Just a heads up, our next tourney will be in 3 wks, cuz in 2 wks, there's Frosty Faustings and I'm kinda trying to force you guys to go over there and get pummeled :P. Not bad, we keep getting a good # of ppl for Calibur and that's all I can ask for. Let's just try to improve...
  7. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison, WI SCVI Tourney #5 01/05/2019

    The SCVI tourneys have been pretty fun so far. Plus the # of Azwels in our grp is decreasing, YAY! Oh BTW toxic free tourney, no Azwel no Ivy!!!. 17ppl, 21ppl, 16 ppl, and 14 ppl for our first four tourneys. Hope to get another good turnout. BTW, in 2 wks will be Frosty Faustings, and then we...
  8. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #4 FINAL STRIKE 9 Results 12/22/2018

    Despite a lower turnout, it was still a pretty good event, considering it was Christmas Weekend. Thanks to all of you that were able to make it and hope to see ya at the next tourney. BTW, our next tournament is gonna be at ten pin again on 01/05/2018. SCVI: 1. jimmypikachuchoi Jimmy Wingleung...
  9. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison, WI Soul Calibur VI Tourney #4 FINAL STRIKE 9 12/22/2018

    The SCVI tourneys have been pretty fun so far. Plus the # of Azwels in our grp is slightly increasing...ugh. But 17ppl, 21ppl, and 16 ppl for our first three tourneys. Hope to get another good turnout. Here's the link on our facebook page, where we usually inform ppl about our events...
  10. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #3 Sweet & Sour Saturdays 12/08/2018

    Fun games, kinda...Can't believe all the love for Azwel....well I can believe it. Had a good 16 ppl show up. SC6: 1. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Sophie) 2. Koichi Luke Krause (Azwel) 3. Fuzion (Azwel) 4. Isaac Park (Sophie, Azwel) 5. Exhorresco Justin Denman (Ivy) 5. Afu (Maxi) 7. Keng Thao (Sieg) 7...
  11. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #2 FINAL STRIKE 8 11/24/2018

    Holy crap, nice turnout! Even with some of our other regulars not showing up due to the Thanksgiving weekend, we still had a good number of ppl showing up for our event. Results: 1. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Kilik) 2. Phil Bond (NM) 3. Koichi (Azwel) 4. Isaac (Sophie) 5. Shadow (Sieg) 5...
  12. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #1 Grand FINALS Koichi(Astaroth) vs. jimmypikachuchoi(X) 11/10/2018

    In another rematch, who will emerge victorious? Will Koichi wear jimmypikachuchoi down and reset the brackets and bring it in a 2nd Set, or will jimmypikachuchoi's soul burst with Xianghua's flaming fire? Madison's first SC6 GF's. SOULCALIBUR VI...
  13. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #1 Koichi(Asta) vs. Phil Bond(NM) 11/10/2018 Loser's FINALS

    SOULCALIBUR VI!/en-us/tid=CUSA09903_00
  14. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #1 jimmypikachuchoi(X) vs. Koichi (Astaroth) WF

    Who will win the 1st SC6 Tourney? In this WF, it's a match between jimmypikachuchoi who won the 1st Madison SCV Tourney(2012) vs. Koichi who won 1st Madison SCII Tourney(2002).
  15. jimmypikachuchoi

    [Wisconsin] Wisconsin still exists? WTF?

    New Soul Calibur Players from the Madison, Janesville, Milwaukee, Dells, area, feel free to join our group. We are always looking for new ppl to become a part of our community. I usually am on Facebook; that's the best way to get in contact with me...
  16. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #2: Final STRIKE #8 11/24/2018

    So this is gonna be our 2nd SCVI tourney in Madison. We will be at 10 Pin Bowling Alley this time around. We normally try to switch between 10 Pin(West side of Madison) and Happy Wok(East Side of Madison). Actual event page can be found on Facebook...
  17. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison SCVI Tourney #1 Sweet&SourSaturdays 11/10/2018

    Sorry, it's been a while, since I posted anything about our group. My apologies for that. Been busy running our SC, Tekken, SFV, and some other games recently. I usually post things on Facebook now. We had our first Madison SCVI Tourney this week, had some fun matches with ppl, and saw some old...
  18. jimmypikachuchoi

    Madison GEEK KON Tourney #6 8/23/14

    Thanks everyone for showing the love. The actual game room this year sucked really sucked a$$. They even stopped giving away Geek Gil, our con's currency, like what the hell? Oh well, at least our community stepped in to make sure our game was a great event. R.esults: 1. jimmypikachuchoi...
  19. jimmypikachuchoi

    UFGT10 Results

    Schneider-X: Fun matches. Wished our 1st round match was recorded. I was hoping to fight you again in the loser's bracket. After that 1st rd match, you picked up your game during casuals. I will work harder on my CE's for sure. Your ability to adapt is a great asset and your patience and...
  20. jimmypikachuchoi

    UFGT10 Results

    Lots of fun. Wish I did better on the stream, but Hawkeye was just too damn solid!!! I really hope it's not the last UFGT bc it really is a well run event. I'll give shoutouts later. Must go back to work. Anyone else that wants to see the images, just facebook me Jimmy Wingleung Choi...