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    Algol General Discussion/Q&A

    Nice bubble combos
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    [San Antonio, TX] Home of the Mashers

    Mighty quiet in these parts.
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    Very nice.
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    Civil War 4 Results

    Lol Animefreak...
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    Civil War 4 Results

    Probably won't happen. Tiamat knows from past history who wins when we play lol
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    Well show up to EVO. Seriously, USA needs actual representation there.
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    Civil War 4 Results

    True lol. I tend to forget that tournament. Although I don't remember you ever winning a tournament were we actually had to face each other...
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    So Tiamat the king of VA now?
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    Civil War 4 Results

    Why do people keep letting Tiamat win tournaments? When I was in the area that never happened... hmmm...
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    2/25/12 Xanadu Games Monthly Soul Calibur 5 Tournament

    Smh @ you guys letting Tiamat win tournaments lol.
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    [Oklahoma] Oklahoma Match

    Really KPC? Damn I didn't know you were coming through otherwise I would have made the drive to come see you.
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    [Kansas] SC4 players out there!?

    Trust me if you want to find players they're out there. I drive from Manhattan to Wichita just to play. I don't go to the bi weeklys but I do make their monthly tournaments.
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    [San Antonio, TX] Home of the Mashers

    Yes it was posted. Been there for like a month now I believe.
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    [Feb 4, 2012] SC5 Tournament San Antonio, TX - Results

    Such a random tournament lol. That's what happens on week one though. All of you guys are awesome and fun to play with.
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    [MD, VA, WV] sure is dead here

    VA is free in SC games anyway lol. You guys have fun getting bodied in SC5. When I come back for a visit I'll be sure to take your monies and go out to eat with them :)
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    [Feb 4, 2012] SC5/UMvC3/SFAE2012 Tournament San Antonio, TX (San Antonio, Texas)

    I may fly down just for this. My how I do love Texas monies :)
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    [Feb 26, 2011] GVN Winter Brawl V (Philadelphia, PA)

    You're funny Ramon. As long as I don't miss my flight then I'm good.
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    DEVASTATION 2011 Outlook/Preview Thread

    Wish I could make it to this, but I'm 99% sure I'll still be deployed in Iraq at that time unless by some miracle things change.
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    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    From the looks of Sentinel the hyper sentinel force super should still combo into itself. I really hate the fact that he's in this game, but I guess I have to live with it. Still seems like he has really high hp and you can clearly see that he does have super armor. Wonder if the infinites still...