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  1. SarahPaiFan

    Probably one of the reasons why SSF4 is console only is because arcades are a dying breed.

    Probably one of the reasons why SSF4 is console only is because arcades are a dying breed.
  2. SarahPaiFan

    JP Soul Calibur Broken Destiny HP

    I see they added a Sophitia wallpaper, a Zasalamel wallpaper, and a Algol wallpaper as well.:)
  3. SarahPaiFan

    Remove 1 character from the game!

    Xianghua. Because she's an annoying little brat. 'Nuff said.>:(
  4. SarahPaiFan

    Windows 7

    I'll try it out, once it's available for download at
  5. SarahPaiFan

    PSP Go

    Yeah. That's the only thing the Micro had going.:P
  6. SarahPaiFan

    Worst Matchups for Sophitia

    What do you think are Sophitia's worst matchups? I know that, like her younger sister, she suffers against Kilik and Ivy.
  7. SarahPaiFan

    You're welcome.^_^

    You're welcome.^_^
  8. SarahPaiFan

    SC3 Perfecting Night Terror w/ Sophitia

    Sophitia was so cheap in Soul Calibur 3.>_<
  9. SarahPaiFan

    sophitia and cassandra combo video

    Nice job. I <3 the Alexandra sisters.^_^
  10. SarahPaiFan

    As of March of 09.....

    Guardian's Judgement and the moves from Angel Step and Twin Angel Step. 'Nuff said.:)
  11. SarahPaiFan

    Worst Matchups for Cassandra

    What are some of Cassandra's worst matchups? I know she has trouble against characters such as Siegfried and Kilik.
  12. SarahPaiFan

    New Talim user. Just a few questions

    Just take some time to relearn her and you'll get used to her current gameplay style in no time.:)
  13. SarahPaiFan

    Broken Destiny Talim

    Glad to hear that Talim is buffed in damage, even though she remains the same in other areas. Hope to hear more changes to Talim in future patches.^_^
  14. SarahPaiFan

    What is your favorite version of Talim?

    Her most recent style because she seems as fluid as ever with more moves and stances in her arsenal.
  15. SarahPaiFan

    Who's gonna drop next?

    Liz Taylor. 'Nuff said.:P
  16. SarahPaiFan

    Hey there, Kayane. Want to be friends?^_^

    Hey there, Kayane. Want to be friends?^_^
  17. SarahPaiFan


    Nice job, Cryptonist. Now if a Setsuka SC4 1P smilie will ever be made, I'll be glad.
  18. SarahPaiFan

    Eyce's CaS Recreations (and more)

    Nice job on the Sophitia costumes. They came out well. Can you do Soul Calibur 2 Cassandra(1P costume) next?:)
  19. SarahPaiFan

    Is this game worth buying a PSP for?

    Yes, it's worth it. I got a PSP just for the game alone.^_^
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