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    Request to go! (SC6)

    Thank You again :)
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    Request to go! (SC6)

    OK I got one last request. It's a big one Could someone please do the Sailor Senshi, Outer and Inner. If this already exists for 6 (I know it does for 5) could you please link me to where I can find the formulas so I can put them on my console.
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    Request to go! (SC6)

    Thank You :)
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    Siegfried okizeme study (a hymn for 4A+B, aB, 66A+B, SSH AA)

    I have a question. What combos are best to set up this oki? Or is it a case of just get a knockdown?
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    Request to go! (SC6)

    I was wondering could someone make"Female Gunner-Minerva" from DFO/Elsword here is a pic Minus the gun of course. Give her Sophie's weapon . TY.
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    Kilik Quick Breakdown Video

    Do you play o Xbox or PS4? I'd like to add you to my friends list.
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