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    Possession Cancel

    I figured this needs it's own thread. Post your tips/latest findings here. Pressing 6 after the PO and before the UB makes it way easier for some reason.
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    The Mysterious New Character (LoS Boss?)

    I figured this guy needed his own thread. So who do you think he is? Here's why i think he IS Groh's father: 1)Color Scheme 2)Looks like Groh plays a huge part is this story too, and we've been told he has daddy issues. 3) He looks old enough to be his father. Sure he's supposedly Indian but he...
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    Demon Huntress: Taki Pre-release Discussion

    :sc1tak1:She's finally back!:sc1tak1: Appearance wise, i love everything about her. The mask, the ninja suit, the armor, the hair (wish it was longer, but i still love it). Moves i recognize: -44B (Which can cause an inner explosion that launches the opponent?) -Traditional 1BA is back...
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    Spyro The Dragon PS4 Remaster Coming This Year Idk about you, but i loved the Crash Bandicoot N sane trilogy. This one's got me hype too. Supposedly it's gonna be announced next month, and released q3 of this year.
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    Guess The Next Character Reveal(s)!

    So since we're most likely gonna get new reveals every month leading to the release date, i thought we can play a fun guessing game while we wait. Evo is 2 days away, it'll be fun to see who guesses right. My guess remains Kilik, Edgelord, and Taki. Edgelord 'cause he was teased at the end of...
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    Soulcalibur VI Art/Wallpapers

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    First 4 Figures' Soul Calibur II Nightmare Figure

    It's gigantic! Pre-orders available on Jan 31st. (SCV's 5th anniversary): I'm definitely getting one. Also, @ 7:29: They're making another SC character figurine. A "lovely lady" this time. I bet it's Ivy. Would love a...
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    Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon

    New Pokemon confirmed: Now the question is: Will it be gen 7 or the continuation of gen 6?
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    New Samurai Shodown Game In Development! -The game has a target release of 2017. -2D gameplay but with 3D models. I'm hyped.
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    Most & Least Useful CEs?

    Hi I was wondering, in your opinion, what are the most & least useful CEs in the game? The CE that benefits the character the most and vise-versa. I apologize in advance if there's already a thread similar to this, i searched & couldn't find one.
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    With Or Against: Not Knowing Who Your Opponent Chooses.

    sry for the long title... Hi 8WR. Are you with or against the fact that you can't see who your opponent chooses online? I'm against it. I don't see what's the point of it. One would be able to choose a good match-up based on who the opponent chooses. And not everyone uses Mics.
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    Your Experience With The Supernatural

    Hello 8WR. I'm curious,has anyone ever encountered a supernatural/paranormal being of a sort? I'm very interested in this subject. As for myself,i only had one strange encounter. I was 11 years old at that time,i believe.Not sure if it's even a ghost or what not,but i remember i was at my...
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    Bonus Characters

    What are your general thoughts on them? Imo,PS can make good use of the bonus characters slot and make it a slot for the non-returning characters from older games. For example,characters like Hwang,Li Long,Xiba,Liexia,Arthur,Rock,and Seong Mi-Na. If they do not return in as a part of the main...
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    Favorite Digimon Thread

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    Post Both Your Lock & Home Screen

    'Cause why not,i'm bored.
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    Soul Calibur Hookups!

    Who? Why? What will they produce? For me: Who: I've always fantasized about Taki and Mitsurugi ♥ Why:They have similar personalities;same age,and both are hot. I'm sure fighting isn't the only way to get rid of the tension between'em ;) . WWTP: I've always imagined that at some point they...
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    Taki: Masked Or Unmasked?

    Hello Taki players :sc1tak1:. Would you like to see Taki masked or unmasked in future SC titles?
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    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

    Anyone plays this game?
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    King Of Fighters XIV is Coming 3D this time! I'm so into this,since this was my favorite KOF game in the entire series. Thoughts?