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    [Central Florida] Orlando, Tampa and everything in between

    JOIN THE FLORIDA DISCORD SERVER Post here or discord to look for local meet ups, online games, and keep up to date on local events, or even learn how to play competitively! We have a launch tournament for SC6 coming up on the 20th. If you're interested, join the...
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    Grim Stride Cancel Guide

    I would've posted this sooner (when it wasn't old news), but I've been without a computer for quite some time. I figure this will still help newcomers or people unaware of the finer details of the cancel. WHAT IS IT? The Grim Stride Cancel is a glitch that shortens the recovery of GS by...
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    Help get SCV to CEO2013

    Jebailey, host of Community Effort Orlando, Florida's own major, has stated that SoulCalibur V will be a side tournament at CEO2013, provided there is enough support. If you want to see/support SCV being held at another Major this year, be sure to take a look! If you believe you can make...
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    SELLING Photoshop Requests

    With the holidays coming soon, I figured it'd be nice to make some pocket change. For $1.00, I'll Photoshop you anything you want. I'll do avatars, recolors, and everything in between. The concept can be related to anything - anime, Soul Calibur, porn, HRD's mother, I don't care. I'll do it...
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    Zombie apocalypse?

    Yeah. No doubt you've all heard the stories by now... I normally wouldn't give anything like this another thought. I'm usually the first to dismiss coincidence as mere coincidence, but this is the only...
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    [Mar 17, 2012] K.U.B. - 5 Dollar Footdives (Orlando, Florida)

    Sorry for the late notice. Didn't know Steve hadn't already posted this here. Everyone in Orlando, try and show up!
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    Selling: Entire Yugioh Collection

    And I do mean "entire". Playmats, cards, binder, tins, sleeves, dice, rulebooks, hell, even my calculator. This is my MLG money, so do be kind and gracious with your offers. I'm looking to sell everything all at once, but I may make some exceptions and sell individually. Right now, my camera...
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    Well, I used to take a class on Graphic Design back in my Sophomore and Junior years, but since then I've gotten rusty. Lately, I've been messing around with it, and I really miss photoshop. Anyways, I would like some feedback on some of the images I've made, and criticism on how I can improve...
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    Learner's permit

    This Saturday, I'm hopefully going to take the test to get my permit. Being as I've never even attempted to drive a car (sadly), is there anything I should know, aside from some state-specific laws? I'm not even sure what to expect. Is it just a written test or do I have to drive as well? I've...
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    More Computer Problems

    Okay, so I got an HD video camcorder for Christmas. Yay. The bad news is the camera stores all the videos I take as AVI files. When I try to play the videos, I only get audio, no video. Apparently, the Windows Media Player, the Veoh player, the Divx player, and the Xvid player are all missing...
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    Final Fantasy VIII- 2

    Anyone have any kind of information? I can only hope this is real.
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    Disappearing wallpaper

    My wallpaper background keeps disappearing. After I close the internet browser, reboot, or even leave the computer running for a while, it just vanishes, leaving a solid black background. I've run Malwarebytes' Malware Protection scan a few times and it says I have no maleware. I've made sure...
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    Tech Traps

    Below is a list of ALL of Nightmare's launches and stuns (or stance-transitioning attacks that guarantee another attack), followed by the best possible tech traps. Any notes are in parentheses. If there is nothing in parentheses, the move catches all sides, and may deal oki. I use some...
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    Night Side Stance study

    In training, I came across some interesting news. Note: NSS A+B is i19, NSS K is i8. WR B is -20 on block. However, WR [B], NSS K trades with Setsuka's i12 AA, meaning WR [B] is -4 on block. aB is -3 on block. However, a[B], NSS K beats Taki's i10 A and NSS A+B trades with Nightmare's i19...