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  1. LeftHandLead

    Former Boxer Arturo "Thunder" Gatti Found Dead Former boxing champ Gatti found dead in Brazil By Stan Lehman, Associated Press Writer SAO PAULO — Former boxing champion Arturo Gatti, whose epic trilogy with Micky Ward branded him one of the most exciting fighters of his...
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    My Marble GN: Midnight Club LA - Hot or Not?

    Couldn't up pics to the Rockstar site so i just snapped a few with my phone.... Can't forget the SC4 Skyline...
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    Homicide detectives picked me up today....

    Saying I dumped body parts!! On the real fam... Bout 7 this morning, somebody come banging on the door... ***Thump Thump Thump***... "Come out Robert, you're charged with 1st degree murder!!" I look out the window and it was 4 big undercover detectives wearing suits. My heart was racing mad...
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    All this over a game of SC?

    So I met up with a few SC4 players in the Florida area last week.... To make a long story short, I beat all of them pretty good. But I guess they didn't appreciate it too much.... ^^ That's the vid. I'm the guy with...
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    Need a quick favor..

    I can't seem to find any NM combo vids... I searched here and youtube, but nothing. Can one of you guys please help me out.. Tech trap and strategy vids would help too. Thanks in advance.
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    R.I.P. Sweet Cheeks

    Due to my save data corrupting, the infamous transexual in pink, Sweet Cheeks is now deceased. I set a trend with Sweet Cheeks.. The hilarity made a few other PSN guys follow along, creating their very own versions of the ass kicking homo. A guy a few of you may know, serialexprmt (I think...
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    Guatanteed LOLz Just wow lol. This false prophet fool is always good for a cheap moment of amusement.
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    Rock's 214AAA Just Frame..

    The only person I've seen pull this off is BentLeeT. I've tried many of times and spent atleast an hour in training but I just can't get it. Can someone help me out? I tried fastest imput, going full half circle.. Shoryuken motion. Nothing works. I'm desperate over here!
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    Some kid called me a homo at Gamestop yesterday!

    So I decided to do a little self Xmas shopping at my all time favorite store.. GAME STOP!! How can you not love this place? Anyway, I immediately head to the bargain bin to see if I can find some deals.. I saw NBA Jam. With the skinny Shawn Kemp, and childhood memories began to hit me! I even...
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    Wildest ish I EVER SEEN!

    On the realz fam.. My aunt always be tellin me.. "Robert, you need to bring yo a$$ to church with me, you heathen a$$ heathen!" So F it, this evening, that's what I did.. Went to church with my aunt and her boyfriend. So I'm up in there, already feeling mad strange cause I was the only one...
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    I friggin hate kids!!

    Little snot nose punks. Peep script.. I'm in the park doing my community service, picking up cans and sh1t. I'm already pissed cause I'm lookin like a idiot picking up trash with a damn spiked stick in public. Then some little kid and his moms walk by.. The kid looks at me, then points and...
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    Intimidation Tactics/Mind Games..

    One thing I love to do is try to make my opponent fight a nervous fight by getting into their head before the fight even starts.. Kinda like a boxer who smacks his opponent at the weigh in. In ranked fights, right before stage select, I'll quickly message them.. "You a dead man!" Or.. "You my...
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    Just couldn't put it down!

    What's the longest you've ever stayed in a room? I went about 250 games one night.. Started at about 12:00AM and didn't leave the room until it was light out.. Crazy night lol.. Good times!
  14. LeftHandLead

    Ever been Youtubed?

    I was unknowingly a couple of months ago by this kid I used to mash on named Sosadagr8 (If you ever run into him, kick his head in for me please lol).. He taped all my fights in a session, and saved the ones I lost, then posted them on another message board haha. My Astaroth in that vid is not...