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  1. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Not Fan-Fic

    Critique, please? I haven't posted here in a while, and after being published once now the real challenge starts: to do it again. I don't do fanfic (though would be open to writing requests, that may be fun and I've never seen it done), but I want to keep writing every day, so I may have a...
  2. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Rather Shameless

    My cousin has released his first book on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble e-reading websites! Grave of the Wilds, by D Athas Holly You can download the Kindle reader app for your computer or phone for free. Please check it out. And even purchase it. Only ninety-nine cents...
  3. Dab_Of_Oppo

    WTB Things

    Fender Stratocaster, American or Japanese made.
  4. Dab_Of_Oppo


    VASH THE STAMPEDE $$60,000,000,000 Not really, but I am looking for a copy of Windows XP or Windows 7 for my new netbook. Also, any form of MS Office would suffice.
  5. Dab_Of_Oppo

    How to beat button mashers, help!

    Right, time for personal embarrassment, and you may mock my lack of skill freely (I know I still need to learn a lot, you stating it would be redundant). I lost 11 out of 13 matches to my button mashing cousin. Just now. Have a laugh! I sure as hell did! So, how do you beat the spastic...
  6. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Kingdom of Amalur

    Is the demo buggy for anyone else? I'm playing, or trying to play, it on my Ps3 and it freezes (sometimes freezing the entire console) constantly. As well as audio cutting out. And dialogue cutting. Anyone else having these problems?
  7. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Proud to be Iowan

    this makes me really proud to be from the state of Iowa "Iowa we're nice, fuckwad"
  8. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Ashes sail the breeze - a theory on Fan Fiction

    “So you’re looking for it too?” Tira cackled, leaning against a tree, “Well I know who has it.” “We all know who has Soul Edge, just tell me where he is," Talim pleaded with her. "I really don't want to hurt you." This girl, Tira, is damaged enough as it is, Talim thought. "It's no use, you...
  9. Dab_Of_Oppo

    O(de) to Joy.

    Well, my degree program I'm planning on achieving (creative writing and book publishing) has a requirement. One of those requirements is to learn a foreign language. Now I have to choose one, darn. Spanish - Nope, just not a 'want to do,' fun to sing in though. French - Maybe, if I had none of...
  10. Dab_Of_Oppo

    December 21st, A short story

    I wrote a short story yesterday, wanted to do something different. Must admit it is in need of serious edit/revision, but I probably won't bother with it. Just something fun. I thought taking some of the things taught to me in Private school quite literally would be fun. Though, not very...
  11. Dab_Of_Oppo

    WTB [PS3 Headset]x2, [PS3 Fight Stick]x2, PST

    Want to buy two Playstation 3 Headsets and two Playstation 3 Fight Sticks, let me know if you want to get rid of anything. Or make suggestions. PS3 Headset - all I want to do is communicate, no game audio needed
  12. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Music to start a fight to

    "You know, this track would be awesome to duel to..." One tends to hear such things on a regular basis. So what would you have an epic fight to? Length of the music is of no concern! Whether its a 23 minute duel between Cassandra and Sophitia to a Steven Wilson epic. Be sure to include the...
  13. Dab_Of_Oppo

    Could use some assistance

    Though I've been playing the SC series since 2, I've never had any clue what I've been doing. A friends and family tournament has made me want to change that. I put a post up in the "Trainers and Trainees" thread here as well. But if you would like to offer your assistance I would gladly...