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  1. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Talim Match Video Thread

    I saw we didn't have a thread for this, so I decided to make one. I'll share of my matches later.
  2. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Yo...SC5 going to be at SBO 2012!!!

    Yo, this your boy CY being you some fresh Sc news. According to wakeup srk, SC5 will be at SBO 2012. It will be the first console to be at SBO this year. It seems SBO is finally catching up with us guys. What do you think about this? I think this is pretty huge. We made to the biggest tournament...
  3. CrazyYoshimitsu

    MLP: Fighting is Magic

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?! A MLP fighting game? Yes my friends i am not kidding you. I am hype as fuck for this game. I'm going to see if they have any fighting game players on their team. I might join. I'm so happy shadius showed me this game. official website: Some of the music...
  4. CrazyYoshimitsu

    SC5 Reviews

    Just wondering what the pro reviewers had to say about Sc5. GameInformer call it the best Soul Calibur ever made. You gotta wonder why they get trolling emails sent to them. They say dumb shit like that to piss other people off. What do you guys think? any of noteworthy pro reviewers...
  5. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Super Dragonball Z

    I know what you're thinking. "LOL CY you crazy man. DBZ games suck. they are joke. They just a fanservice." Wel lyou are correct for the most part. ButI found a DBZ game that can be taken serious at a high level. How serious? It was played at a high level in Japan for years. What?! Yeah I...
  6. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Request a fanfic

    Hey guys...I'm cleaning up my current requests. I'll make this an official thread where you can request anything( almost anything). Let me post the rules. -No real peoples -No character bashing fics( EX: Making a fanfic with no plot. The only plot is that the character you hate dies in...
  7. CrazyYoshimitsu

    A Sonic fanfic I wrote.... DA: And yes I wrote this fanfic. I hope you guys like it. I'm a HUGE Sonic fan. Sonic Generations will be awesome.
  8. CrazyYoshimitsu

    FABTB(Fists Are Better Blades)

    This one has been going no a for a while. A lot of people love it. I have got fanart for it. And this was my first fanfic since writing fanfics back in the 6th grade. I hope you guys enjoy. Any feedback is welcome. Chapters: Boxing...
  9. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Ya'll should have saw this one coming. Do I have to tell you to get hype? This...will be...AWESOME! Tell me what you guys think. Any opinions are welcome. All I suggest is to keep classy.
  10. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Ape Escape

    What do you think? Let me you my opinion. Favorite Ape Escape game: Ape Escape 3 Least favorite Ape Escape game: Ape Escape 1 I'll post my reasons for both later. I just want to know if there are some Ape Escape fans on this site.
  11. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Congrats to the Mavs.

    Once again another thread that no one made. You guys are slow. Anyways the Mavs beat the shit out of the Heat. Face it LBJ, you'll never win a championship in the NBA. Try to win a championship in the D-league.
  12. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Sonic Generations one hasn't made a thread for this. Are yall crazy? This game is so fucking good. i mean old sonic and new sonic. What can you not ask for there? Anyways, I'll keep this short. Watch the fucking trailers! Old one: Newest...
  13. CrazyYoshimitsu

    When you was younger....

    ( finish the sentence) I was a super Crash/Spyro fanboy. Love WWF wrestling. My favorite wrestlers were The Rock, Y2J, ManKind/Mick Floey( I use to think they were two different people), and Chyna. I also played the shit out of my ps1 in grade school too. It was Crash 2 and 3, Spyro 2, Croc(...
  14. CrazyYoshimitsu

    CY needs your help. has it been? Years? Days? Months? it's been a while since I post a thread. Anyways, I need y'all help with my persona fanfic. I need at least four more characters for the story. The rest of the characters will come from the Persona games. I want to make all of them Ocs. Does anyone...
  15. CrazyYoshimitsu

    The ladies of SC as boxers

    I've never been to this side of 8wr. Anyways, you guys remember FABTB? Well, I ask a friend mine called haungpower to draw the SC girls as boxers for my Soul calibur boxing fanfic called Fists Are Better Than Blades or FABTB for short. It is about the SC girls throwing down their weapons and...
  16. CrazyYoshimitsu

    The NBA thread.

    It's a simple thread ppl. What team or teams do you fucking rep. Who does the great Cy rep? Oh, that's easy. I rep... The CHICAGO BULLS!!!! G.State all day baby!!!( Golden state warriors) The RAPTORS!!!!( You gotta love andrea brangai( however you sepll his name.) And lastly, I...
  17. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Update on CY's fanfics.

    Hey, I got a fresh chapter of FABTB for ya. Check it out if you have been following the story since chapter 1.We're almost getting to the good part of the story, IMO. the boxing will be funny, but will be a bit more serious. So, I hope you enjoy the newest chapter of FABTB. P.S. I...
  18. CrazyYoshimitsu

    The writer's block

    This thread is for thsoe writer who like to speak their mind on everything. it could essaies you wrote for class. To anything you want. Just no hentai, ok guys? Also, i have a couple of rules for this thread. Cy's rules -No flaming -be postive and help each other improve -No spamming...
  19. CrazyYoshimitsu

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    This thread is pretty much anything SSBB related. So matches, guides, pcitures, or funny moments are welcome. I'll update this post later on why I like Brawl. But until that time, I'll bid thee a farewell.
  20. CrazyYoshimitsu

    A soul calibur fanfic: FABTB

    Or "Fists Ae Better Than Blades" as the full of this thread. CY's Dart account: This is a fanfic where I take the girls of SC and throw boxing into the mix with humor. Aside from that, I pretty mcuh don't have anything else to say. But if you're bored, ro...