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    Gimpin' Ain't Easy Voldo General Discussion

    Discuss Voldo below!
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    Redheaded Yoshimitsu Returns to Liberate Your Soul

    Our favorite member of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu, has been revealed for SOULCALIBUR VI. Yoshimitsu returns after being part of the series since SC1. Funny enough, he seems to be the only SC1 character that did not get his SC1 costume redesigned. Yoshimitsu seems a little more interested in...
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    You Will Be Erased! Grøh Punishment Thread

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    Time For A Test! The Grøh General Discussion Thread

    A storm is coming, discuss below
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    It Ends Here; Grøh Combo Thread

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    Xianghua Video thread

  7. coolcmcgee

    Nightmare Video Thread

    videos of nightmare
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    I Grant You Death: Nightmare Punishment Thread

    placeholder until we have the final build's frame data
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    Nightmare General Disucssion / Quench Your Thirst

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    Soul Edge Be Unleashed: Nightmare Combos

    placeholder for now
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    Fall In Love Yet? Xianghua Punishment Thread

    placeholder until we get the final build's frame data
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    Xianghua General Discussion / Try To Keep Up

    A lot's changed since V. Let's Discuss it here!
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    I'm Too Good; Xianghua Combos

    Place holder Natural Combos Counter Hit Combos Wall Combos
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    In defense of Reversal Edge

    Recently Crow Spaceboy, a writer for SRK, has released an article discussing his impressions of Soul Calibur 6 based on the demo build that was available at Texas Showdown from May 4-6. As someone who was present at both Final Round and Texas Showdown to play the demo, I have some grievances...
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    favorite SC5 tournament matches

    with SC6 on the horizon I thought it would be good to look back on some of our favorite or memorable tournament matches from SC5. I'll start with a few of my personal favorites from the last 6 years. In no particular order starting off with a match from NEC which is usually the biggest...
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    best rock paper scissors opening move

    I thought we could use a quality thread, so what is the best opening move in rock paper scissors? it's rock
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    Spectator Cast #26 Soulcalibur 6? with Greatone, Partisan, and Party Wolf

    It's time for another Spectator Cast, this time with a whopping 3 guests. this week we are joined by Greatone, Partisan, and Party Wolf to discuss Soul Calibur 6's long-awaited announcement. Points of discussion include Reversal edge, movement, move list, character roster, keys to sustaining...
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    SCV May Online Tournament ps3/360

    -copy pasta from facebook- after PartyWolf's online tournament last week I have seen some chatter about wanting to start a monthly online tournament. I would like to gauge interest for this. I am willing to organize the brackets and keep track of the matches. Instead of being a single day it...
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    is Bloodborne a souls game?

    the world must know
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    Final Round 19 results

    SC5 singles 1. Party wolf 2. Jimbonator 3. RTD 4.Linkorz 5. Astaroth 5.Clob 7. DancingNuchuncks 7. Sandman SC5 Team Tournament 1. Rigged brackets (Party Wolf, Jimbonator) 2. Praise the Lord ( clob, swordlord) 3. cool sand/ kpcMcGee (coolcmcgee, Sandman, kpc) SC2 AE singles 1. Aris 2. Bibulus...