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  1. darkwings13

    Darkwings13 Artworks

    Well, I've been drawing for a long time and I thought I would just share some of my artworks here on 8wayrun, since most of them is about Soul Calibur anyway (>^.^) Please, if you have tips or critiques, tell me. I would love to hear your opinions and I know that I have areas I need to improve...
  2. darkwings13

    Zwei's Husky Line, A Zwei Custom Thread

    Alright guys! Any stylish and creative outfits you've got going for the sarcastic and manly Zwei, be sure to post them up and show off! Show him some love (even though he already has it as his joke weapon) and show us his high tier sense of fashion (>^_^) I lack imagination but at least I didn't...