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  1. AndyrooSC

    'STAY FROZEN' Zas pressure guide

    Copy patse from my Zas discord ill update this over time. Hitting through opponents guard/pressure. This is defo a area where if the opponent knows the MU then you need to be creative with Zas to get damage/pressure and open defensive plays/players. We will go through the classic obvious...
  2. AndyrooSC

    Zasalamel Frame Data

    Updated as and when patches happen ----- HORIZONTALS ---- A............... i12 / 0 hit / -8 block. AA............ i12 / +2 hit / -6 block. AAA.......... i12 / +10 hit / -8 block. A6............ i14 / 0 hit / +6 CH / -4 block. 6A............ i18 / 0 hit / -10 block. 6AA.......... i18 / Opp. BT...
  3. AndyrooSC

    Zasalamel FAQs and Introduction Guide

    Hey everyone, Firstly welcome to the Zasalamel Soul Arena! If you are new to SoulCalibur and its notation I would highly recommend watching this notation and terms guide by @Scallywag-93 as i will be referring to moves and inputs in this language, it will make your life easier and its much...
  4. AndyrooSC

    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    These are his combos, since with the timestop ability and the fact the number of curses give him different stuff I have at least for now just tried to detail the max damage and some set ups. There are 4 currently known timestop moves: 1BB, 66A+BB, 46BB and RE B. Next to these moves you will see...
  5. AndyrooSC

    Join the Zasalamel Discord!

    If you haven't yet you really should join the Zasalamel Discord server I have created. Its been quite successful and it wont annoy you with 'Pings' you will have control over how much interaction you'd like to have. Its a lively discord with regular discussions and happy to help mods. Inside...
  6. AndyrooSC

    VSFighter (20th-22nd July2018) Zasalamel testing

    This is going to be my notes for what im testing with Zas at VSFighter in UK next weekend, please comment below any other Zasalamel specific stuff you want me to test. We also have a discord that we have been discussing this aswell im gonna combine all requests from here and the discord and keep...
  7. AndyrooSC

    Pre Release SC6 Geralt of Rivia Gameplay Discussion.

    Tbh from a actual gameplay standpoint we do see little from his reveal trailer, especially as it looks chopped and the camera angle edited but I just made a GIF for the 'gameplay' just to save having to skip forward a minute and a half to see it in the reveal trailer. It is hard to understand...
  8. AndyrooSC

    Pre Release SC6 Zasalamel Gameplay Discussion

    Lets have a thread for what we learn about Zasalamel in sc6 breaking down any trailer and gameplay featuring him letting us speculate. I mainly know SC4 Zas so will mainly be using that games notation. Firstly we have this brief SC6 Battle Director comment: ' Zasalamel is an easy to use...
  9. AndyrooSC

    Pre Release SC6 Kilik Gameplay Discussion

    So I mainly know SC4 Kilik and Xiba. I will be listing Kilik sc4 notation for moves that are still in SC6 from his movelist and will gif any new moves or old attacks with new strings or obvious different properties. Moves that are still in from SC4 Kilik using that games notation. 6AAA aB 3A 2A...
  10. AndyrooSC

    Summary and Final Review for Z.W.E.I. in SC5

    With SC6 upon us in 2018 we come to our last period with SC5 and the idea of this thread was to summarise what we learned about ZWEI, aswell as give my opinion of him as a character and how he faired against each of the cast. Hoping this post serves as a useful archive for anyone wanting to...
  11. AndyrooSC

    What is gonna happen to ZWEI?

    Hey everyone it has been sometime since posting here and I thought with a hopeful potential for SC6 reveal around the corner that we have a last pre-announcement guess on ZWEI's fate after SC5's shit story mode. In SC5 story mode the last we see of him was after his victory defeating Nightmare...
  12. AndyrooSC

    So when we gonna get our SC6 reveal *POLL*

    Hellooo runners of 8way! Blah Blah we still dont have any news blah blah its been 5 years since proper full installment blah blah Project Soul has poor PR blah blah So lets do a poll and see how hopeful or not hopeful we are about getting a SC6 annoucement lets go!
  13. AndyrooSC

    ZWEI Viability Discussion

    Lets keep the mess out of other threads @linkorz come at me bro..
  14. AndyrooSC

    Was all these possible JG maneuvers intentional?

    JG sure is good. Other than JG'ing on reaction and option select JGing there is as you should know by now alot of other maneuvers you can do with JG. These are - Whiffed GI into JG, ZWEI, Viola and Algol being able to JG a GI, Just Ukemi Guard, redJG, and autoJG(after JGing when a low and a...
  15. AndyrooSC

    Project X Zone 2 - Natsu's appearance

    I couldn't find a thread about this and its certainly worth discussion - Project X Zone 2 using Natsu from SCV as the representative of the series. Now not gonna lie i've never heard of this series before and I probably wont play the game but it just makes you think, why Natsu? Think of it...
  16. AndyrooSC

    Pokemon ORAS QR codes thread

    Hey everyone this is my first non calibur related thread so here goes lol This can be a thread to post up our QR codes for secret bases. Its really cool as you can use your 3DS to scan codes off a laptop/PC monitor if you get the scanner angled properly. Just go to your PC in your secret base...
  17. AndyrooSC

    ZWEI Combo thread

    Hey Guys, here is a list of ZWEIs combos. As you should know that most of his stuff hits really hard or allows for set up. Most damaging you can get from the combo starter will be listed first then followed up by potential set ups. 3B meterless 3B > A+B (56) - highest guaranteed damage and...
  18. AndyrooSC

    Lesser known advanced mechanics of SC5

    Inspired by @DrakeAldan and his articles the basics of soulcalibur. You have been playing for a while now and at this point you have a fairly good understanding of how SCV's mechanics work. Then 1 game you go up against a skilled high level opponent and he manages to JG your follow up attack...
  19. AndyrooSC

    Match Up Notes & Discussion: Z.W.E.I vs Maxi

    (This first post shall be updated overtime with new finds and from the discussion below) Overview of character: :sc2maxi1: Maxi can run a train of strings on you if you don't know the match up giving him free opportunities to get in. Outside of that he has a number of good pokes and a...
  20. AndyrooSC

    Match Up Notes & Discussion - Z.W.E.I vs Leixia

    (this first post shall be updated overtime with new finds and the discussion below) Overview of character: :sc5lei1: Properly one of the very few characters with GB pressure game what surpasses ZWEIs. Leixia is a close range fighter with fast and/or safe tools at her disposal to keep frame...