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  1. KitKay

    Breaking Grabs SCV

    Hello community! I have been playing SC5 for almost two years now. And I've been wanting to work on my grab breaking to improve myself. But I had a few questions first. I play on PS3, Pad. Some players told me the best way for breaking grabs is mashing A and B. I got that and get the idea. For...
  2. KitKay

    SC5 DLC Deactivation, Reactivation (PS3)

    Hello Soul Calibur Community, I had a quick question about DLC. I had no idea that Soul Calibur would not let you play if you had DLC and game shared it from someone else but deactivated it and you can no longer play with out deleting the DLC from the system. So my quick question is, if you...
  3. KitKay

    PSN vs XBA Online Lag/Connection

    Okay so I dont think there's a thread like this anywhere. I could be wrong, if so, lead me to it and close this one. I had a question about the online connections between XBL, and PSN. I am a PSN user, and there is times where of course someone will have a 1 bar and its laggy, button delay...
  4. KitKay

    Xbox 360 SCV Online going down for a day.

    Just so you 360 people know apparently SC5 servers are going down for a day for maintenance. 7/18/7/19. Hope this is in the right place. :)