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  1. XxMiku-chanxX

    Might be getting a PS4

    Well i'll be getting a very significant amount of money next month or so, i've been thinking about getting a PS4 & PS Plus i'm aware that PS4 doesn't have that many games so far. Since i'm considering to just get one to avoid having to worry about getting it later but at the same time there are...
  2. XxMiku-chanxX

    Are casuals leaving SCV or is it just me?

    After taking a 6 month leave from Calibur due to school & failed attempt at anime fighters i was searching for rooms i barely saw any of the usual "Mics Only or Customs Chars Only" are casuals leaving the game or is it just me?
  3. XxMiku-chanxX


    Hi! I'm Miku I've been playing since SCII & III never got to play IV. I currently have V for over a year now. I'm wanna return to the SC scene since i haven't been in the Competitive SoulCal scene for a while & Blazblue is dying. Lastly i hope you'll welcome me with with Open arms.