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  1. David Blain


    I not only streamed the SC, but I communicate with other streamers. Some time ago, my suggestion not to remake the Yoshimitsu in the new game caused a real hateblast. But out of 30 of my familiar streamers, who constantly or periodically streams this game, only 4 play for the Yoshi as a side...
  2. David Blain

    Board games

    Who else but me played board games? I played "Arkham Horror" and "Fury of Dracula" (FFG) Also for a while I played in the board "Dungeons and Dragons", but...
  3. David Blain

    Hello everyone, my english is bad ((

    Hello everyone! Im buy SC5 in 2012. I really liked this game for good graphics, unusual gameplay (sword fights are rare in fighting games), and great possibilities for creating original characters (now I have 70 characters, 20 of my own and 50 more from this forum) To my great regret I do not...