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  1. Dr. Cheesesteak

    How do the 8WR Rankings work?

    Just a broad general question, I suppose. Like, I see Linkorz is ranked #1 w/ a Score of 1495, but the winner of Senpai's Weekly gets 1500 pts. So Score =/= Points, I can infer. How is score determined? How can we report events? What weeklies, monthlies, etc are worth reporting in order to...
  2. Dr. Cheesesteak

    SCVI Official fightstick art swap

    I'm interested in getting the Official SCVI fightstick for PS4, but want the XB1 art. I know it's early, but is anyone willing to consider doing a case swap if they get it for XB1 but want the PS4 art? Thanks! edit: fixed for context since moved to this forum.
  3. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Old returning player, excited to get back into the Soul.

    Hey all, First played SC back on Dreamcast when it launched and then tried the original Soul Edge. I probably put in 100s of hours in SC1 on Dreamcast. Played some SC2, didn't play SC3, and did little more than just the story modes in SC4 and 5. So...SC6 will basically be my first Soul...