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  1. Reptile

    Nightmare Changes

    My thought on Nightmare's Patch Notes: "Fixed 6K whiffing issues" - Was rare but cool. "66 KK 2nd hit don't whiff on RE" - Still interruptible by RE so whatever. "GS A+B hitbox expanded" - This gonna work in combos as intended. "2A+B meter gain buff" - Already fills up 1 bar in 3 hits so...
  2. Reptile

    Lizard gathering -- Aeon Matchfinder

    If you're an Aeon player, post your gamertag/PSN here if your looking for some games with other Lizard players. You can also add your location and situation to make it easier for others to figure out if or when they can play you. For example : GT : daBesSlzrD8344 Location : Antarctica...
  3. Reptile

    Resident Evil 6

    Why isn't there a thread for this yet?
  4. Reptile

    Halo 4

    It comes out in november. Almost everyone was a Halo player at some point. Halo 1 through 3 were amazing games that revolutionized the genre. Halo 1 had a fun multiplayer and an amazing campaign. Halo 2 had a sick multiplayer and a fan's favorite. Halo 3 had Godlike online multiplayer and an...