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  1. babalook

    Grøh Moveset Analysis

    Update: stance is called innocent draw (ID) Just wanted a place specifically for discussing Groh's gameplay. I'll update more stuff in here like throws, moves that cancel into ID, or whatever else I can find. Feel free to post anything gameplay related.
  2. babalook

    Cervantes Q&A / General Discussion

    *This is a message from your captain.* Updated March 1, 2012 Alright so I believe there were some questions that were repeated from time to time so I've decided to make an FAQ compilation specifically for this thread. In regards PLZ READ this first post before asking. iGDR execution: How do I...
  3. babalook

    Most Disturbing Site EVER

    See how far you can go through the page :)
  4. babalook

    Hong Kong's New Youtube

    Incase this is not know the old channel, lks9413, no longer has videos uploaded to it, instead they are here: I’m sure they’d like it for people to comment there matches and what not :)
  5. babalook

    Cervantes Force Blocks

    Aye so ive been messing around a bit and I think his 11B, which breaks SG in 8 blocks, may be a forced block (FB) after quite a few things. I haven’t tested them in depth yet but I believe here's a list of things I think it may be a FB after. -2K ground hit -A+G -44B -2B+K ground hit...
  6. babalook

    Favorites Cervantes Player

    Ok everyone else is doing it, ill start. 1)Hates- amazing mind games, one of the only people that can punish with iGDR pretty consistently, and knows his matchups very well. 2)docvisso- he just seems very solid and and doesnt do much wrong in his matches. 3)kowtow- dont think he plays...
  7. babalook

    Best of XBL (XBL matchfinder)

    Ok so to keep this thread on track no AZURE_ACE_KID, CAT_GIRL_x, NuProphettT, Jaden Arbiter, or anyone else who wants to troll. This list is to help those who need it to find the players that are best with the character/s they specialize in, the list is incomplete and will continue to be...
  8. babalook

    Cervantes Presentation Video

    Ok, so i just uploaded this it may have a couple things the cervantes community hasn't seen, but more importantly i hope it entertains you and if you guys like it that much i make a part two. Oh and yes i know my youtube account name is super gay but nothing else worked lol. Enjoy :)
  9. babalook

    Pirate Matchups

    Ok so i havnt seen one of these for cervy yet so i decided i'd make one. Basically this thread is to show who he's good/bad against, honestly im not sure about all his matchups but i know some that are good/bad for him so ill put my thoughts up here. Also i'd like to see what characters you...
  10. babalook

    Grab cancel

    Ok as alot of you know you can cancel his B+G grab into a variety of thing that ive been studying for a while like: -iGDR 24 Damage and if your up against a wall somtime you can get the 28B for 38-59 Damage -3B 24 Damage -11B 28 Damage (can be teched left & right) -FC A+B for a tech trap for...
  11. babalook

    Gb wc a+b?

    ok so im not sure about a couple things so i thought id ask 1. what properties does the GB version for WC A+B have 2. how do you do it for the those of you that can 3. does B2 give frame advantes or is it just a lure 4. What frame traps do you find most usefull
  12. babalook

    BEST players videos

    Ok so i want you to post the best matches you've seen of a particular character and explain why you think there the best ill start sophitia This player uses her 236 to play mind games and iv never seen him miss the amazingly powerful 236236b 236236b4 which is somthing i think...
  13. babalook

    Cervantes B+G, B JF Throw

    ok so ive gotten iDGR and iTP down and the only move of his i can't seem to get consistently is this grab is there any tips or signs to look for during the animation that could help
  14. babalook

    Best matches ive seen

    Im not sure if all of you have seen this already but here's some of the most skillful players ive ever seen i did not make this
  15. babalook


    So ive sean many very advanced players such as chang's fd and CheeseOfTheDay use this for setsuka effectivly but ive never seen it online and i wanna no what the advantages are and if you need to have a arcade stick to make it a useful move to add to her arsenal
  16. babalook

    yoda jf

    does yoda have a jf cause ive heard he does
  17. babalook

    1.04 ?

    Im not sure if this has bean asked already but i heard some rumors that there making another update to the characters move sets is there any truth to this
  18. babalook

    33A-B-B-B jf

    Hey im new hear and I was wondering is there any point in doing this move cause i see no advantage or follow ups besides 2:K: