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    Game Help Forum-esque websites

    Yeah, so I was wondering if anyone knows any websites dedicated to help gamers, kinda like Gamefaqs. Except without the absolute SHIT message boards. I'm sorry, but Gamefaqs is where civil discussion goes to fucking DIE. It's like Aids, Cancer, economic collapse & Kidzbop, but in coding form...
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    "Ridiculous Hax Wtf"

    Okay, so I've checked and I think this is the right forum to put this in, since it's still technically related to gameplay. In this topic, we give a character a buff that would make people rage/break the game/cause headaches.(Which can be inferred from the topic title) It has to coincide with...
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    Hello, everyone.

    Well, I've finally decided to join this website after thinking about it for a while. Like a lot of people in the community ,apparently, my first love was Soul Calibur II. To be honest I never really knew what I was doing because it had so many button sequences (plus I was young). Back then the...