1. Drcreateacas

    Drcreateacas's Just For Fun Cas Creations

    I tried to do most of these because i thought they would be funny and would like to keep them separate from my main cas. Doing characters like this helped me learn new techniques. I usually did this when i ran out of ideas or had a cas creation slump and sometimes just for fun. AKU Spongebob...
  2. Biko

    Biko's Chamber of Lost Souls

    Hey everyone, my name is Niko! I'm very excited to show you guys my extensive collection of characters I created in SC6! I hope you guys like them :) Starting off small, with some of my favorite creations: The Jungle Fury Spirit Rangers Shark Spirit Ranger Elephant Spirit Ranger...
  3. Flow

    1 Costume a Day

    Hey guys, I've recently decided to post my costumes/creations on twitter, since my library is almost full. Posting them on here as well seems like a good idea. Enjoy! This is from today: These are from the last couple days:
  4. Softimbecile

    A Soul of a warrior... IS BACK (I miss rock)

    I miss rock a lot so I decided to recreate him in sc6. soon I post my asth creation azwell :) I accept some advice, I new to posting in here so Idk if this is the right way to do it, I always been a fan of CAS forum but I was only a ghost for TO LONG, to here I am trying to make some good...
  5. RudderbuttCos

    Character Select Prediction

    I made a prediction for what we could see for the remaining DLC characters in a paint program. Please note that this is what I'm expecting the two Soulcalibur characters will be, the final result may be different from who I think will make it in the game. Who do you think the two Soulcalibur...
  6. Draggonnfs

    Draggonnfs' SCVI Creations

    Hello folks, it's finally here! And I'm back to post my creations, but otherwise I won't be very active here on 8WR. SCVI's CaS is in all honesty disappointing to me so far. All the missing equipment, stickers are fucked up, belts, some hats and shoulder pads still float 10 cm away from the...
  7. AngelStepStyle

    Zhang Xiangfeng (Original Character)

    Here's some screenshots of one of my original characters dating from way back in the SCIV days Zhang Xiangfeng. Hope you like how she turned out! =3
  8. Psykai

    Kai's Kreation Korner

    Decided to make a thread where I post random creations in SCVI. Won't be much for a while until they give us moar CaS parts. I don't have many OCs except the ones I'll be sharing below but I have a couple of ideas for more. Many of my creations will probably end up being recreating old...
  9. RudderbuttCos

    Random Creations in SCV (Part 3) (Maybe Last Random Creations)

    Hi everyone, this is Part 3 of my Random Creations in SCV :D This might be my very last Random Creations in SCV seeing that Soulcalibur VI is nearly here (WOO-HOO!), so let's see what creations I came up with this time :D Enjoy! Fang (Soulcalibur IV Re-creation/Soulcalibur V and Hopefully...
  10. RudderbuttCos

    Random Creations in SCV (Part 2)

    Here are some more random creations I made in Soulcalibur V :D Enjoy :D Chris (Desert Warrior Outfit) Kitsune (Covered in Pink Slime) - Looks like Kitsune ran into a sticky situation while fighting a demon, poor Kit lol Tiger (Black Panther) - Tiger as a black panther Yuffie (SCIV Created...
  11. mokamoka827

    Moka's CaS gallery

    So after 6 years I finally got around to taking screenshots of the characters I've made in CaS! Probably a good thing I took this long, actually. Took me a while to get the hang of SC5's system lol Some of them are better than others, of course. Also, a few of the characters blinked when I took...
  12. Kai_lombax

    My CAS from SC3 & SC4

    Just thought I'd share some of my old characters I made from back in the day for Soul Calibur 3 & Soul Calibur 4 but I also included a video where I showcase some of my characters from Soul Calibur 5 as well. I have tried having some continuity with the characters I made adapting and updating...
  13. Pyrrus

    Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion

    Post your ideas for what you'd like to see implemented in creation for sc6!
  14. Draggonnfs

    Draggonnfs' CaS - SCV, SCIV, SCBD, SCIII

    Alright, for a while I was thinking about making my own lil' creation thread, but I was too lazy to take all the screenshots, create the thread, blah, blah. Well, now I finally did it. As if there weren't enough CaS threads on 8wr... I love creation in Soul Calibur, and if SCV didn't have...
  15. KiraxSummers

    Deck the Halls with CAS!

    It's that time of year again! I don't know about you guys, but I get absolutely manic about the holiday season. I've just gotta decorate and bake and paint everything green and red and candy stripes with a dash of tinsel on top. I also love making holiday CaS! :D If you guys have come up with...