soul calibur 6

  1. SAPirata

    Siegfried's A+B

    In case no one got the message, in SC6 (nearly) every character and their mum got given an arsenal of break attacks to deal with the new RE mechanic in this game. Characters who got more of these tended to be characters with stance-orientated game play, but in general the idea is that players...
  2. pappico

    Unpopular opinion: the infinite rematches SUCK

    And the previous first to 2 matches was more than perfect. Here are my main reasons as to why I think it's terrible. 1.) Other players will wait too long in the matchmaking screen (this is super bad). In non-peak hours, you're stuck waiting for opponents while the other two are fighting each...
  3. pappico

    When Yun-seong returns, what's your ideal moveset for him?

    I know he was considered as weak on SCII, but I'd love it if his SCVI moves got mostly based on it because of them mix ups. And then add the vertical dodging of SCIV and he might become super powerful.
  4. MainAlice

    Soulcalibur VI art contribution

    Hello, I've decided to post my art so I could read your feedbacks on it. You're also welcome to post your arts. Let's see what we've got)
  5. Chronvict

    Kilik Patch Notes

    Patch 1.10 3B: It can now be punished with impact 12 moves. You can also now practice the Lethal Hit 3B in training. This just confirmed to me that this Lethal Hit is hard to maximize. You can do a 44K!B for higher damage. This is flashy and cool but kind of hard to land online, and if you...
  6. Kyron_Dudebro

    Soul calibur vi tips and or help vids

    this is a vid for beginners on how to deal with mantis crawl on a basic level
  7. Kyron_Dudebro

    Hey guys im Kyron Dudebro and i love and want to support soulcal

    i joined here for many reasons but not limited too are 1. to connect and support soul calibur 6 and it community 2. make content regarding match analysis,punish vids,how to play "x" character and update and news 3. for anyone who also wish to make sc6 content via twitch and or youtube im well...
  8. pappico

    I need sparring partners good with Zasalamel, Talim, Xianghua, Voldo, etc.

    Hello! Anybody main or are good with the following characters? Xianghua Voldo Talim Zasalamel Cervantes Azwel Yoshimitsu I'll try to keep it short: I am having difficulty knowing their patterns and defensive training in practice mode isn't doing me well because I don't really know their attack...
  9. franman

    How to get Youtube to view Japanese Soul Calibur 6 tournaments?

    I was at my brother-in-law's place watching TV. It has youtube integrated so I thought I'd tune into that and search for Soul Calibur 6 tournaments. To my surprise I found Japanese and Russian tournaments of SC6. At home, I browsed on Youtube on my PC in search for any Japanese SC6...
  10. Nyte

    Soulcalibur VI General Roster Speculation Thread

    We've had threads where we create our own roster, but with Soulcalibur VI announced, I figured this to be the perfect time for a roster speculation thread. Here we speculate based on what we know what the roster of Soulcalibur VI will be. Remember, this isn't a "characters I want in SCVI"...
  11. K

    Tira being DLC

    Relax everyone about this tira dlc thing. I heard people saying Cervantes and Lizard man will be dlc now, relax tira is the bonus season pass character it sucks but people she's going to be the 6th character slot that will be a dlc slot for future dlc the last 5 slots we be Raphael, Cervantes...
  12. Pyrrus

    Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion

    Post your ideas for what you'd like to see implemented in creation for sc6!
  13. coolcmcgee

    Redheaded Yoshimitsu Returns to Liberate Your Soul

    Our favorite member of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu, has been revealed for SOULCALIBUR VI. Yoshimitsu returns after being part of the series since SC1. Funny enough, he seems to be the only SC1 character that did not get his SC1 costume redesigned. Yoshimitsu seems a little more interested in...
  14. evilbuho

    Texas Shodown is going to have SC6 Demo

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I just found out that SC6 is going to have a playable demo for Texas Showdown. It would be awesome to see some familiar faces. Hoping some of you can make it out, for demos and playing casuals you usually don't need a competitor pass however there is a spectator...
  15. Frayhua

    SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis

    This thread is a breakdown of Ivy's moves from her recent reveal trailer & SCVI Ivy gameplay in the future. SCVI Ivy Reveal Move Updates
  16. Frayhua

    Lethal Hits In SCVI

    For those who have seen SCVI gameplay within 2 months after the game's announcement notice moves that have special rewards under various conditions like CH, Whiff Punishing, Duck Punishing, aGI, etc. It's called Lethal Hit. The rewards include: Certain CHs turn into launchers or launch higher...
  17. SSfox

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    So i though we need one thread, where we can chat anything SC6 (or just SC i general) That way we can keep the News thread mainly for News, here we can talk anything related to the game. So i'll start, since there are chances that Kilik could be the next reveal, and even though there are...
  18. TalimUser

    Soul Calibur Costumes and Fashions

    Pretty much like the title states are there any costumes you'd like to see back in Soul Calibur 6 for a character or for use in the CaS or both. So here are some costumes I'd like to see back from Cassandra and Talim Credit to syahilla on deviant art for Cassandras SC3 p2 costume
  19. Vermilingus

    Some Speculation RE: the 20th Anniversary and SC6

    Expect this to be long and rambly, it is mostly wild speculation but I thought I'd throw it into the ring. So as we know all we've been getting regarding Soul Calibur 6 up until this point is essentially a bunch of teasing with no real substance. We also know that Namco have paid attention to...
  20. Kai_lombax

    Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation Improvements Video

    Hey there guys, this was just a remake of a video I made last year. I'm still pretty much into Soul Calibur's character creation and we most likely will be getting Soul Calibur 6 for the PS4/Xbox One so I decided to remake the video because I feel my editing skills have improved. For any of...