soul calibur vi

  1. Pyrrus

    Soul Calibur 6 CaS Discussion

    Post your ideas for what you'd like to see implemented in creation for sc6!
  2. CalibursEdge

    SoulCalibur VI Storyline Theory Thread

    Heya. First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone back to the stage of history. Let this be a step toward a very bright future. Now, I dunno how necessary this thread will be (if it dies, it dies I guess), but I figure it'd be fun to chat about. From what we do know from just the trailers...
  3. Kayane

    My long interview with Soul Calibur VI producer @ EVO Japan

    Hello guys ! I had the chance to interview Okubo-san, Soul Calibur VI producer for a long time at EVO Japan ! Here is the link to the interview :) We talked about many subjects as...
  4. Darkmoonlight

    Xianghua Movelist Analysis

    I’ll update this thread with each post containing new moves. Red Text indicates moves JUST from Xianghua and will use her SCIV notation. Blue Text indicates moves just from Leixia and will use SCV Notation. Yellow Text indicates moves from both and will use Leixia's notation. Green Text...
  5. SSfox

    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    So i though we need one thread, where we can chat anything SC6 (or just SC i general) That way we can keep the News thread mainly for News, here we can talk anything related to the game. So i'll start, since there are chances that Kilik could be the next reveal, and even though there are...