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  1. Axist

  2. ace1ace2

    Soul Calibur Switzerland

    Hello everybody, since there is no real Soul Calibur community in Switzerland that i am aware of, i am starting my very first thread in this forum, but also my first thread in any forum. i'd love to gather some people, creating some small contests and tournaments and get to know some other...
  3. Nyte

    Soulcalibur VI General Roster Speculation Thread

    We've had threads where we create our own roster, but with Soulcalibur VI announced, I figured this to be the perfect time for a roster speculation thread. Here we speculate based on what we know what the roster of Soulcalibur VI will be. Remember, this isn't a "characters I want in SCVI"...
  4. Kai_lombax

    My CAS from SC3 & SC4

    Just thought I'd share some of my old characters I made from back in the day for Soul Calibur 3 & Soul Calibur 4 but I also included a video where I showcase some of my characters from Soul Calibur 5 as well. I have tried having some continuity with the characters I made adapting and updating...
  5. Dissidia

    Soul Calibur Clones: Discussion and Video Comparison

    With the locking of the big SCVI speculation thread I thought I should post my videos in their own spot. I also wanted to put my questions here and hopefully you guys could give me feedback on how to improve or things you like about them. My hope is that when I am finished with this video...
  6. TalimUser

    History Behind the Warrior SoulCalibur Edition

    Making a list of all the History Behind the Warrior SoulCalibur videos for the different characters hes done
  7. Kayane

    My long interview with Soul Calibur VI producer @ EVO Japan

    Hello guys ! I had the chance to interview Okubo-san, Soul Calibur VI producer for a long time at EVO Japan ! Here is the link to the interview :) We talked about many subjects as...
  8. TalimUser

    Your Main

    I want to now what made you pick the main you did in the various main line Soul Calibur games; was it just going thru the roster till you found a play style you liked, did you look up tier lists and choose the strongest character, did you pick them because you liked how they looked/acted et...
  9. TalimUser

    Best Looking Characters in Soul Calibur

    I'm making this list just for fun to find out who you think is the best looking character in the series whether they're male or female. My top 3 are: Female 1 Cassandra 2 Xianghua 3 Seung Mina Male 1 Siegfired 2 Kilik 3 Raphael
  10. K

    Hey dudes let’s keep the hype for sc6 on psn!!!!

    Hello soul calibur family... If you have time. Plz Join our “Soul Calibur 6 Online Fight Anime RPG Lovers” Community via PSN Communities. With your ps4 or mobile...I mainly want soul calibur players or players who are very interested in the series to join. Where we can have player matchmaking...
  11. SSfox

    If Soul Calibur 6 would have 32 Characters roster, what would be your pick?

    Hi everyone, Let's suppose that you're the director of Soul Calibur 6, and Bandai Namco gave told and gave you the budget and time to create 32 characters for the Newest Soul Calibur Canon game, 24 are gonna be for the base game, and 8 for Post Launch, what would be your choice? Here's...
  12. GRISEQ

    New And Looking For Good Players

    Hello people. Back when soul calibur 5 came out i can tell a lot more people played this game. but now i guess scv have died down a little. I know cause i play everyday online. I really like playing with good players, even if i lose i still like a challenge and thats what im looking for. This is...
  13. Vermilingus

    Some Speculation RE: the 20th Anniversary and SC6

    Expect this to be long and rambly, it is mostly wild speculation but I thought I'd throw it into the ring. So as we know all we've been getting regarding Soul Calibur 6 up until this point is essentially a bunch of teasing with no real substance. We also know that Namco have paid attention to...
  14. linkorz

    Winter Brawl X Results

    Results: 1st place: JJJ (Mitsurugi) 2nd place: Sandman (Viola) 3rd place: Saion (Hilde/Pyrrha Omega) 4th place: linkorz (Siegfried) 5th place: ANBU_Boom (Yoshimitsu, Pyrrha)/HSG LordXav1er (Hilde) 7th place: Jinxed4Ev3r (Siegfried, Patroklos)/Ninjaguy446 (Pyrrha, Viola)
  15. Kai_lombax

    Soul Calibur 6 Character Creation Improvements Video

    Hey there guys, this was just a remake of a video I made last year. I'm still pretty much into Soul Calibur's character creation and we most likely will be getting Soul Calibur 6 for the PS4/Xbox One so I decided to remake the video because I feel my editing skills have improved. For any of...
  16. Tagashi M

    Looking for Xbox live SCV players

    looking for ppl to play the game with, really want to get back into SCV. add me or message me for games. ill try and reply and play some games when im off work. Gamer tag is: Kurse Reload
  17. HydroJames

    Let's pretend we're developing a Soul Calibur game together.

    Let's pretend we're developers at Project Soul and we're developing a Soul Calibur game. If I was the head of things, I'd do my best to make sure the appeal to both casual and competitive gamers. So since I may need help with trying to develop the game, I'll seek the help of fellow members to...