soulcalibur 6

  1. Frayhua

    Cervantes Leaked Footage Move Analysis

    Cervantes has been leaked twice in the past 2 weeks. Leak 1: IGN Gamescom 2018 SoulCalibur VI Interview showing a CaS using Cervantes' style. Moves Observed: 6A, bA, 4BBB(Last Hits were Cervantes' 1BB from SCV), & 6B Leak 2: Melbourne Esports Open showing Raphael & Cervantes as playable...
  2. Xeph

    SOUL CALIBUR VI Ring Out Event + Exhibition Recap

    Namco Bandai held a special event for SOUL CALIBUR VI this passing Thursday in San Francisco, California. Fortunately for me, I was invited to attend and compete in the exhibition portion of the event. Though there was no announcements, or any sort of reveal, we did get to experience more...
  3. K

    Reversal edge discussion and thoughts (read Namco <3)

    Namco Reversal edge should have a limited use something like only 3 times a match you can reversal egde. My reason being it will probably never be used in high level play and if it does get used unlimited use seems overpowered. having it limited would make it more strategic in high level play if...