1. F

    FreeMeal's SoulCalibur 6 Creations (with some SC5, perhaps)

    So, I want to make a thread where I actually post things, instead of just complain. Since I usually do re-creations (often requests), if, for he time being, that SC5 would be better suited for it, then I may opt for that, instead. BUT, I will prioritize SC6 and make a good, honest effort with it...
  2. F

    SC6: Issues with Stickers and other things.

    Okay, so, this is more of an article to be posted on the soulcalibur and producer's twitter so they know these issues and hopefully address them in a future patch. Feel free to add issues that aren't here, or talk about your feelings on the matter, though. While there are some 'nice to have'...
  3. Age_of_Truth

    Soul Calibur 6: Technical Gameplay discussion

    It seems like there isn't a suitable place to discuss general gameplay findings yet, so here we are. Soulcalibur France Hayate's introductory video: Post general technical SCVI information garnered from watching gameplay videos or trying out early access builds in this thread. For character...
  4. WindupSkeleton

    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    SOULCALIBUR VI IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER. CHECK YOUR PREFERRED RETAILER FOR DETAILS. A thread designed to be a referential database of sorts with everything we know and everything we'd like to think we know. ONE THING TO NOTE: EVERYTHING WE'VE SEEN SO FAR IS STILL SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THIS...
  5. Party Wolf

    PSX SCVI Gameplay Preview Analysis

    PSX has revealed the first gameplay of SCVI in motion. I broke down the most notable changes on my twitch stream and I will link the archive below. I will list the changes me and my stream caught. Feel free to post what you have seen below! Here is the raw footage without me talking over it...
  6. Arsu_Bhai

    When will SC6 be announced?

    Well we know a new Soul Calibur project is in the works and it's probably going to be Soul Calibur 6. But WHEN is this new project going to be announced? My guess is that it will be revealed a few days before TGS and then later a gameplay demo will be revealed at TGS. I also feel like it's going...