1. Xeph

    NEC19 Donation Drive to get Kura in attendance!

    NEC 19 will be held in King of Prussia, PA, December 14-16th. As of right now, we have representatives from Singapore, France and Mexico confirmed. As well as America's best, and possibly Canadian representatives! Now we're trying to pull in the money to help Kura (The top Korean competitor)...
  2. Xeph

    EVO 2018 SCVI Side Tournament Action!

    Starting Friday, August 3rd, Namco Bandai will be hosting a multitude of exhibitions. From a 192 man singles tournament via Friday, to a Teams 5v5 event. Myself and @Party Wolf will be in attendance, among other notable competitors! Make sure to tune in both Friday and Saturday...
  3. Jimminhy

    How Good Do You Need to Be to Play Competitively?

    Like, do you have to be able to beat Legendary Souls without rematches or win 15 very hard vs battles in a row to be ready?
  4. TheRealDMac

    SoulCalibur II HD Edition Tournament at Combo Breaker

    I'm not the TO so I didn't want to create confusion in the announcements section, but Combo Breaker 2017 is planning on hosting a (PS3) SCII HD Edition tournament as part of its 2 Fast 2 Furious event. Version/Console subject to change upon community feedback. The event is May 26-28 at the...
  5. hwang24

    [Nov 12, 2016] EXITWOUNDS 2016 (Martinez, CA) -- by Dope Dojo

    November 12+13, 2016, Saturday and Sunday, click on live at: ExitWounds 2016 Soul Calibur Casuals/Tournament: YouTube Live presented by Dope Dojo.
  6. Ookamijewel

    [Joplin, MO] Anyone Interested in a unofficial tourney?

    So... what's up everyone?! I want to play some Soul Calibur. I checked with the Vintage Stock on Rangeline in Joplin and they would be more than happy to host a Tournament! If anyone in the centeral zone wants to join in a tournament post a reply and which SC game you would like to play! When we...
  7. linkorz

    Vote for Soulcalibur V to have a 500$ pot bonus at Summer Jam X!

    Hey everyone, as always, Big E Gaming will be hosting Summer Jam this August, and wants to gauge interest in a pot bonus. I want to get together as many people as possible and vote for Soulcalibur V! Let's show everyone that we aren't dead quite just yet. Vote here