1. pappico

    I need sparring partners good with Zasalamel, Talim, Xianghua, Voldo, etc.

    Hello! Anybody main or are good with the following characters? Xianghua Voldo Talim Zasalamel Cervantes Azwel Yoshimitsu I'll try to keep it short: I am having difficulty knowing their patterns and defensive training in practice mode isn't doing me well because I don't really know their attack...
  2. FenrisZero

    Zasalamel Punishment List Thread

    Edit by Andyroo.. Standing block punishment: i12 - 6K, AA, 2A. i14 - b:K, 3K. i16 - 46B, 3AB, BB. i18 - 8B+K i20 - 3B, 6BB. Crouching block punishment: i12 - wrKB, 6K, 2A. i14 - fc 3K. i16 - 46B. i20 - wrB i22 - 6B+KA
  3. FenrisZero

    Zasalamel General Discussion and Q&A

    Zasalamel mains rejoice for the time is nigh! Discuss below!
  4. AndyrooSC

    Pre Release SC6 Zasalamel Gameplay Discussion

    Lets have a thread for what we learn about Zasalamel in sc6 breaking down any trailer and gameplay featuring him letting us speculate. I mainly know SC4 Zas so will mainly be using that games notation. Firstly we have this brief SC6 Battle Director comment: ' Zasalamel is an easy to use...